What to expect the Bills’ Game Plan to be vs. Chargers Sunday

ORCHARD PARK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: Nathan Peterman
ORCHARD PARK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: Nathan Peterman /

How do you offset a top-five NFL pass rush?

The most common reply to this dilemma is to call/run draws and screen to your running back. I would agree with that. However, to go more into detail to offset this issue, I would also run an offense at pace. Meaning I would give the kid, in this case, Bills’ rookie (now starting) quarterback Nathan Peterman the keys to the car. I would form a game-plan around what the kid likes to do. If that means throwing slants and quick outs and also using a little play-action as well—I would gladly do that.

My main point on this is to have the Bills go no-huddle. Running a no-huddle offense can certainly affect an opposing defense, if your goal is to tire a defense out, especially going against a good and or aggressive defense. If a defense is tired, they would not effectively rush the passer. Saints vs. Bills last week can serve as case and point. Enough said.

So Draws, Screens, and Pace you say?

As in real estate, they say it’s always about location, location, location. In football, much the same it is about execution, execution, execution. Meaning a coach can scheme up a game-plan for the entire offseason once a team knows who they will face in week one of a given NFL season.

If his team cannot execute (Rex Ryan) that game-plan, then that game-plan is as good as your average paperweight on that coach’s deck in his office.

Some background on Chargers’ DC Gus Bradley

Chargers’ Gus Bradley comes from the Paul Carroll coaching tree. More specifically, he comes from the cover 3 defense that the Seahawks’ Pete Carroll and the Legion of Boom made famous.

Without boring you with too much coach-speak, their version of cover 3 is not quite the same version that the Bills run under DC Leslie Frazier and HC Sean McDermott. The main basic difference is that the Cover 3 the Seahawks run is a little more complex and can turn into a man to man defense depending on the routes the given outside wide receivers run. With the Bills, it’s much more of a basic cover 3.

The Bills’ cover 3 works with both cornerbacks and one safety each covering one-third of the deep parts of the field. They do this to keep everything in front of them as to not get beat over the top.

Gus Bradley’s Defense on Sunday against the Bills

I believe the Bills are anticipating that the Chargers are going to throw a bunch of different looks and defensive alignments/packages pre-snap at Peterman hoping to confuse him.

As stated earlier in this article, one of the best ways and would be seen by many as out of left-field. Would to see the Bills run a no-huddle offense to not give Bradley and his defense a chance to change from his base defense to his sub-defensive packages and vice versa.

I have a hunch Dennison’s playbook just got a whole lot bigger now that Peterman is the starter over Tyrod Taylor.

Bills 31 – Chargers 17

Mind you I am not saying Peterman is the next Tom Brady. I will say I liked this guy from what I saw in the senior bowl. Maybe it is downright luck that the Bills drafted both QB Peterman and receiver Zay Jones this past draft. You watch that Senior Bowl footage of those two playing together. You’ll instantly understand why I am looking forward to this game.

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They have instant chemistry. I believe it could be happenstance that Zay Jones is supposed to be a full go come Sunday after being injured against the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. The Chargers come into Sunday’s game against the Bills with one of the worst defenses against the run.

This works perfectly in the hands of McDermott and Dennison. I believe the Bills will run a no-huddle or at least an offense at pace with purpose. As a result, it will throw the Chargers defense off their game just enough for the Bills to get not only their first touchdown in the first quarter.

I believe it will help them take a convincing lead heading into the second quarter, not to mention second half. I want to see the Bills pass to get ahead in the first half. Then run to stay ahead and tire out the defense of the Chargers in the second half.

I do not have a crystal ball. All I have is my love for the Bills and what I would call my hunch as to what the Bills offensive coaching staff is thinking going into this game on Sunday. Go Bills!

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