Sean McDermott knows something about the QB situation that we don’t

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Tyrod Taylor has been benched for Nathan Peterman. Sean McDermott is going about this quarterback situation like he knows something we don’t.

If the season ended today, the Buffalo Bills would be in the playoffs. The team is 5-4 and currently sits second in the AFC East behind the New England Patriots.

Tyrod Taylor has been a major part of the team getting off to a hot start, but now Buffalo has dropped two in a row and is looking for answers.

Why the disrespect for Tyrod Taylor?

Tyrod Taylor’s stat line through ten weeks of the 2017 season:

  • 64.2 completion %
  • 1684 passing yards
  • 139 rushing yards
  • 10 touchdowns
  • 3 interceptions

Tyrod Taylor is on pace for a similar season to one he had last year, but the difference is the record that the team has. Is this a sign that the team around him has improved, or is has Tyrod Taylor been doing just enough to win?

Tyrod Taylor is currently Pro Football Focus’ 9th ranked quarterback with a season grade of 83.0. The analytics website has the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback slotted above quarterbacks such as Matthew Stafford, Dak Prescott, and Ben Roethlisberger.

This move makes sense since it has been a commonplace in the Buffalo Bills’ front office to be continuously improving the team. The team sent away key players in the offseason. As a result, a message was sent to the locker room that no one is safe. That doesn’t change the face that the team was 5-2 before dropping two straight. Tyrod Taylor was the man who led that.

What does Sean McDermott know that we don’t?

The number one thing that Bills’ fans are confused about is how the loss wasn’t Tyrod Taylor’s fault at all. The defense gave up 298 rushing yards to a team that has been known for passing and a weak defense for the past five years.

Tyrod Taylor may not have had the best statistical game of his career, but there has to be another reason for this.

In the current state of the NFL, a head coach is tossed aside after two seasons if he hasn’t turned the franchise around. Dropping two in a row can cause some panic, but not enough to bench your current franchise quarterback.

A new regime always wants to bring in their guy, and we are seeing it again with the love fest between McDermott and Peterman.

I am not sure how short of a leash Nathan Peterman will be on, but I feel bad for Tyrod Taylor and am excited to see where he goes next year. Buffalo doesn’t deserve him.

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