Kelvin Benjamin will play Sunday for the Buffalo Bills

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 11: Kelvin Benjamin
CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 11: Kelvin Benjamin /

The Buffalo Bills made their return to prime-time football on Sunday and fell to the New York Jets 34-21. Too bad the team didn’t have Kelvin Benjamin a week earlier.

I can’t help but think that Kelvin Benjamin would have had a major impact on the game Sunday.  The New York Jets have been getting toasted on the back end, and have given up 234 passing yards per game according to ESPN.

That number is bad enough to rank the New York Jets 20/32 in the NFL.

It seems simple enough. Add a great player to your team, and it will improve. How long will it be before Tyrod Taylor and Kelvin Benjamin can build a bond that will elevate their play on the field?

The quarterback to wide receiver relationship is on of the most important on the offensive side of the ball. Miscommunication on that front can cause the offense to sputter, and miss potential big plays.

His familiarity with a dual-threat quarterback could help ease the transition, especially with a running back in the offense that can do major damage.

Rick Dennison, Offensive Coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, has said that Kelvin Benjamin will participate in the game on Sunday and will have the opportunity to catch some balls and make some plays.

Kelvin Benjamin is fresh off of his first practice with the team, and I’m sure that Head Coach, Sean McDermott has already told him t trust the process.

Going from Carolina to Buffalo may not seem like the greatest idea in November, but Kelvin Benjamin seems to have embraced the move and is excited to work with his new team.

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Do you think Kelvin Benjamin will help or hurt the team? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!