Sean McDermott earns Pardon My Take’s Football Guy of the Week

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Sean McDermott is a football guy, and that is exactly who you want running your ball club.

One of Barstool Sports’ many podcasts, Pardon My Take, does a segment on their show called, “Football Guy of the Week.” Although it is usually Jim Harbaugh every single week, this time it was not.

The guy who wins this usually does some arbitrary, dangerous, or odd method in order to fire up their team for the game that week. Mike Zimmer won it once for taking off his eye patch mid game following surgery because he thought it would make him coach better.

Recently the award was given to the USC long snapper that is blind. Jake Olson trotted out onto the field and executed a perfect snap on an extra point. I’ve never heard of more of a football guy move than that.

Sean McDermott won the award in a week where he bottled up turf and dirt and gave it to his players. This gesture represents the act of, “defending our turf.” This clearly worked because shortly after, the Buffalo Bills went onto the field and smacked the Oakland Raiders for a twenty point victory.

Sean McDermott was told of the award in an interview during the week by’s Matt Fairburn. This was the coach’s response:

"“I’m blessed,” McDermott said with a chuckle. “I’m just blessed to be here, to be awake today and get up and be in this building with you guys this morning and the football team.”"

Here is the video of the interview:

If all it takes is bottling up a little dirt and handing it to your players to get a win; I suggest coach does this every single week.

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