The Chiefs, Rams, and Eagles are soiling the Bills’ plans


The Buffalo Bills have six picks in the first three rounds of the 2018 draft, and they’re currently 5-2.

You read that correctly.

It is still too early to get 100% excited about this team because it is Buffalo and my playoff thirst is still bone dry. BUT, you can’t help but get excited for the future with the bag full of draft picks that the team possesses this year.

Here is the list of Buffalo Bills’ draft picks in the first three rounds:

  • Round 1 
  • Round 1 (Acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for 10th overall pick) 
  • Round 2 
  • Round 2 (Acquired from Los Angeles Rams in Sammy Watkins trade) 
  • Round 3 
  • Round 3 (Acquired from Philadelphia Eagles in Ronald Darby trade)

The team has one pick in each of the latter rounds.

Before the season I would’ve believed the Rams to be mediocre, the Chiefs to lose close games, and that the Eagles would’ve imploded by now. None of these things have happened, and each and every one of these teams leads their division.


Some would say the Buffalo Bills have shipped away all of their best assets, but they continue to win. The 2018 draft will be pivotal for the team moving forward, and if management handles it the easy the did this year, then we are in for something special.

Nothing would delight me more if Santa came early this year and gave each of these teams a couple of L’s in their stockings.

The Rams are rolling, but the Chiefs and Eagles may be hitting a tough spot in the road. The Chiefs have suffered a few losses, and the Eagles just lost two of the best players on their team in Jordan Hicks and Jason Peters.

It is a long season, but our bundle of picks isn’t looking as good as it was a few months ago. The option to package them together always remains, but that is a talk for April.

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