Zay Jones focused on football; not social media

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 01: Zay Jones /

Buffalo Bills’ rookie wide receiver, Zay Jones, has struggled to produce in the first six weeks of the season; only pulling in five receptions for 66 yards.

In a world where everything is digital, it’s rare to see a talented young player, not on social media.

Websites and apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be used by professional athletes to build their brand, and build notoriety. It gives fans a way to communicate to their favorite players, and get an inside look at their life that wouldn’t be possible without social media.

Then there is the dark side of social media, and Zay Jones realizes that. Athletes and other famous professionals fall victim to angry fans and Twitter trolls every day. Whether it is a fan criticizing the athletes play after a bad game or personal attacks on the player, it only places your focus in a place it shouldn’t be.

Zay Jones told

"“I’m not any social media right now to be honest,” Jones said Wednesday. “I think social media is great, but right now, it’s not my focus.”"

"“It’s something that I just learned being a professional,” Jones said. “Sometimes you are doing really great, you want to hear all those great things. It’s human nature. If something goes wrong, now you get judgmental. At the end of the day, you have to treat success and failure the same because they’re both imposters. If you let success get to your head, it can ruin you. If you let the criticism and failure go to your head, it can ruin you as well. What I try to do is, if I go out there on Sunday and catch 200 yards, I’m going to treat it the same as if I drop the winning pass. That’s my mindset. Treat both the same. That’s the only way you can survive in this. You can never get too high and you can never get too low.”"

The wide receiver position is one that is labeled as flashy, and some even go as far as calling them, “divas.” It is refreshing to see a young wide receiver who was picked in a high round come in and know that his head is in the right place.

Veteran players see this and respect the things that Zay Jones is doing, and how much work he is putting in to make this team better.

The Tyrod Taylor – Zay Jones connection has been rusty thus far, but that leaves room for improvement. There was immense pressure on Jones after the Sammy Watkins trade to produce and fill that role of the WR1.

Jones has struggled to live up to expectations yet, but his current mindset will take him to places he wants to be.

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