Buffalo Bills: McCoy will carry massive workload week 1


LeSean McCoy is the face of the Buffalo Bills, but more importantly the face of the Bills’ offense. This week, he’ll be on the field just about every play.

According to Rotoworld.com, coach, Sean McDermott has admitted that LeSean McCoy will play every snap if he needs to. Here is his quote:

"“If he has to play every snap, and he feels good, that’s what we’ll do,” McDermott continued. Ace beat writer Joe Buscaglia came away from Wednesday morning’s presser convinced McCoy “will get a big workload” against the Jets in Week 1. It further confirms the belief that the Bills will run McCoy as hard as they possibly can in his age-29 season."

Some Buffalo Bills’ fans have wondered if the team would attempt to balance its offensive attack. The Buffalo Bills had the number one rushing attack in the National Football League last season, rushing for 164.4 yards a game. LeSean McCoy ran for the majority of that each week.

It looks as if we are headed for more of the same this year. Which we can’t complain about. Tyrod Taylor is a dual threat quarterback who can make big passing plays when he needs to. He is extremely effective on the ground. When Taylor gets out of the pocket, it is almost like he is a wide receiver with the ball in his hands.

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If you were one of the ones wondering if the Buffalo Bills would utilize a balanced offense this year then it looks like you’re going to be wrong. Coaches sometimes say that they’ll play a player every snap if they need to, but in this case, I firmly believe that McDermott would play McCoy every single offensive snap.

McCoy is a top running back in today’s league but will face a tough challenge going up against one of the more talented defensive lines in the league. It is tough to beat the New York Jets by running the football, but it looks like that’s exactly what The Bills plan to do.

The Sheldon Richardson trade helps ease some of the pain of that front seven. If they get in a groove and force you into passing situations on second and third down, then I’m not sure how effective the Bills’ offense will be.

The Buffalo Bills are battered with their quarterback coming off a concussion and some of their top receivers battling numerous injuries. LeSean McCoy will be healthy, and I would not be surprised to see one of those games where he absolutely can not be stopped.

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Do you think the Buffalo Bills will bring home a win over the New York Jets in week 1? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!