LeSean McCoy feels animosity towards McDermott/Matthews

BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 16: LeSean McCoy /

The Buffalo Bills will play their first regular season game in 25 days. This can be declared LeSean McCoy day in Buffalo, but will he buy into the system this year?

With Sammy Watkins out of the picture, LeSean McCoy is the face of the Buffalo Bills’ offense and team. Last season, he led the number one rushing attack with 164.4 team rushing yards per game. There has been a rumor floating around Buffalo as of late. Will LeSean McCoy be “all-in” with Sammy Watkins gone?

There has been talk of McCoy neglecting his teammate Jordan Matthews. McCoy is an emotional guy, who loves his team. Until Matthews proves that he deserves to be here, or sticks his neck out for the team, Shady may not respect the player that holds the position spot that Sammy Watkins once held.

It is understandable that LeSean McCoy has animosity towards Matthews, but he needs to put the team first and understand the necessity of everyone being on the same page.

Jerry Sullivan of buffalonews.com wrote:

"“It sounds as if McDermott was worried about his players’ morale after the trades of Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby. He and Brandon Beane admitted they needed to sell it to the team. Surely, some players are wondering privately if the Bills are fully committed to winning this season.”"

"“Guys might not be so inclined to lay it on the line for the new coach. I can’t imagine that Tyrod Taylor is happy about losing his best wideout and being left with a glut of slot receivers.”"

LeSean McCoy has been involved in drama regarding other players and coaches who may have wronged him. This offense is nothing without LeSean McCoy, and everyone knows that, but I have no doubt that he would hold back if he is not comfortable with the situation.

The goal of every NFL head coach is to get their players to buy into their system. They have to choose the type of coach and image that they are attempting to portray, and hope players respect him. Once the coach loses respect, the players quit, and that’s when you lose games. I have never seen a coach succeed without the respect of all of his players.

Sean McDermott has the respect of the majority of players in this organization because of his hard-nosed approach, but he may not have the respect of his best player currently. LeSean McCoy didn’t choose to be in Buffalo and had negative feelings towards the coach that traded him. Will he take another season of vacation starting in January?

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If LeSean McCoy’s animosity towards his coach and teammates continues, I’m not sure how well this team will do.