Buffalo Bills: Sammy Watkins fueling the Patriots rivalry

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 28: Sammy Watkins
HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 28: Sammy Watkins /

“We boys, but on the field, you know… He’s kinda gonna be my worst enemy.” said Watkins when asked about facing former Buffalo Bill, Stephon Gilmore twice a year.

The Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots rivalry has been quite one-sided in recent years. The Patriots have had their way with the Bills in the past, but Buffalo is slowly thinning the gap between the two teams.

In 114 meetings, the Patriots lead the series 70-43-1. The two teams have played one time in the postseason with New England taking home the W in that game. Last year, the Bills and Patriots split games. The Bills’ win came during Tom Brady’s suspension.

Buffalo should be able to take the second spot in the AFC East with half of the Miami Dolphin’s offense on the mend. Jay Cutler is a non-factor in the AFC East this year. If the Bills can step-up their run defense then they should be able to fend off against Jay Ajayi.

Stephon Gilmore has played for Buffalo for four seasons, three of those being with Sammy Watkins. Watkins usually draws the number one cornerback on the opposing defense to cover him. In practice, that was Stephon Gilmore. The two faced off against each other every day for three seasons; it makes sense that there is more than enough competitive spirit to go around.

Said spirit may not be malicious, but there is no doubt that the two will go at each other.

In an article done by newyorkupstate.com, they documented the comments made by Watkins on a Facebook Live video.

In the video, Sammy Watkins stated that he was eager to face off against the Patriots. He said this with a smirk, here is his full answer to a viewer asking about his thoughts on facing Gilmore and the Patriots:

"“I’m gonna go ahead and say it,” Watkins said. “They all want me to say it. I’m going to say Gilmore. That’s what everybody is looking for so I can’t wait to go against him.”"

"“We boys, but on the field, you know… He’s kinda gonna be my worst enemy. The homeboy thing kinda goes out the window until after the game.”"

Lauren Hall asked whether Watkins would text Gilmore before the games. Sammy made it seem like he would save the talking for after the game.

When the Buffalo Bills are on offense, all eyes will be on the Sammy Watkins – Stephon Gilmore match-up.

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