Top 5 reasons to make fun of the Miami Dolphins

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill /
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4. One of the fiercest Miami Dolphins defenders of the past five years has been Brent Grime’s wife.

The Dolphins obviously have some great defenders in Suh, Wake, and Willaims, but Brent Grimes used to be their premier defensive back.

In more recent news, his wife has made more headlines for off the field issues than Grimes has on the field.

In a string of vulgar and explicit tweets, Miko Grimes called out the Dolphins front office, bashed Grime’s Jewish teammates, and claimed that her husband might soon retire.

That may be the holy trinity of bad tweets from someone related to the NFL.

Here is one of her less vulgar tweets:

December 27, 2015

"“i shouldve known we were gonna lose when i heard we didnt complete A SINGLE PASS in 2min drills this week against the practice squad defense”"

This one is definitely believable considering Grimes tells her about his day and what transpired at practice. Brent Grimes may have meant for this to be a private conversation, but that was not the result.

It was also reported that some NFL teams refrained from signing Brent because of his wife’s antics. A player that brings baggage will make teams stay away, no matter how good of a player he is. These could be legitimate fears with the threat of bullets . . .

"“Miko spoke out in a series of vulgar tweets this week directed at reporters and Twitter critics alike. In one tweet Monday, she appeared to threaten Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero, writing, “that fat [expletive] armando thinks he’s safe from bullets bc we might be released is the funniest part of this whole things.”"

-Fox Sports

Don’t forget she was arrested in front of the Dolphins stadium for drunkenly attacking a police officer.

Another thing worth commenting on are the cakes that she makes. Miko Grimes specializes in crafting birthday cakes that are absolutely NSFW. Look at your own risk. Or don’t.