Top 5 reasons to make fun of the Miami Dolphins

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 4: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill /
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The offseason is a time for reflection. As well as predicting how each team and player will perform in the upcoming season. Let’s reflect on the Miami Dolphins today; in the first segment of “5 reasons to make fun of”.

The Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills rivalry dates back decades ago.

The Dolphins made the playoffs last year. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills are in the midst of a 17 year playoff drought. Because of this it has made it easy for other teams to mock the Bills.

Trash talk can be brutal, so sometimes you need a little extra fire power. I hope some of the items on the list will save you some heartache as other teams attempt to bash your team. Bills fans or not, the Dolphins deserve to be made fun of, so here goes it: