Andy Reid Endorses the Hire of Sean McDermott


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid fully endorsed the hiring by the Buffalo Bills of Sean McDermott to their vacant head coaching position.

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills announced they had hired Sean McDermott to their vacant head coaching position. McDermott was most recently a defensive coordinator under Ron Rivera for the Carolina Panthers, but spent the bulk of his early days in the NFL under Andy Reid when Reid was coaching the Philadelphia Eagles.

McDermott was a defensive assistant, scouting assistant, linebacker coach, and interim defensive coordinator for the Eagles under Reid, so Reid worked with McDermott in a variety of areas. Just like most people who have worked with McDermott, Reid had some great things to say about Sean and his work ethic.

"“Sean is a smart guy that works really hard and has all the intangibles lined up for him. He’s really going to be a tremendous head coach. I think the Buffalo Bills made the right decision there. He’ll come in, and what they saw in the interview process will be exactly what they see on the field, and how he carries himself in the community as well as amongst his players — high, high integrity, extremely hard working and very intelligent. I’m proud of him. He’s earned this opportunity.”"

Reid is no joke as a head coach. He’s lead the Chiefs into the playoffs this season and also took them to the playoffs in 2013. With the Philadelphia Eagles, Reid was with the team for more than a decade, leading the team to the playoffs nine times, and taking the Eagles to a Super Bowl once, where they lost.

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Reid has been known to be one of the coaches to keep a solid staff underneath him, and McDermott is a prime example of that. What Sean brings to the table would not be as good as it is today without the guidance of Reid, and the kind words and strong endorsement from his former boss is huge for the Bills.