Sean McDermott May Bring in Mike McCoy as Offensive Coordinator


The Buffalo Bills look prepared to hire Sean McDermott, and NFL rumors say he would likely bring in Mike McCoy as the offensive coordinator.

With a new coach comes a whole new staff. The Buffalo Bills closed their year by firing Rex Ryan, his brother Rob Ryan, and some of the other pieces of the coaching staff. That left the fans wondering going into the offseason — what’s next?

Buffalo has seen its fair share of coaches over the last decade, and it looks like — according to NFL rumors — the open position will go to Sean McDermott. McDermott most recently worked as the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, a defense that was mostly successful in his time as the one calling the plays.

With him coming onto the team, that likely solves some other questions as well about the supplementary coaching pieces. While McDermott may head the defense up much like Rex Ryan did a lot of the time, he will likely delegate the offense to a coordinator — and it looks like it will be Mike McCoy, should he land the job.

According to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News and NBC Sports, McDermott wants McCoy to come with him wherever he ends up getting a coaching job.

McCoy most recently was the head coach of the San Diego Chargers, a team that has had a decent offense with Phillip Rivers leading the way over the last several years. Under McCoy as head coach, the Chargers were top 10 in total offensive yards twice in his four years.

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McCoy was recently fired by the Chargers after yet another failure to make the playoffs in San Diego. With his head coaching options currently limited in the NFL, an offensive coordinator position would fit McCoy, and the want to go out and get McDermott is an encouraging sign that McCoy would be a good fit wherever McDermott is.

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The hiring of McCoy may also indicate some things moving forward as far as the quarterback situation is concerned.