Buffalo Bills’ Defense Praises Le’Veon Bell’s Performance

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ RB Le’Veon Bell completely torched the Buffalo Bills’ defense in Sunday’s loss.

There comes a time when your defense will get completely lit up by a better player. On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills‘ defense witnessed Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers do exactly that.

I don’t normally like to promote the negatives against the Bills, although they’re important to point out. In this case, there’s nothing you can do but sit back and be amazed at what Le’Veon Bell did to us on Sunday. Not only did Buffalo lose 20-27 at home, but Bell finished with 298 combined yards and 3 TD.

After the game, Buffalo Bills‘ safety Corey Graham stayed professional and respected what Bell was able to do — from a football perspective. “(Bell) is amazing. There is not another way to look at it. He is definitely to me the best running back in the league,” Corey Graham stated after the loss.

The Bills did a great job at limiting Big Ben and the Steelers’ passing attack, especially in the second half. Antonio Brown was limited to just 78 yards (5 catches, 11 targets) and Ladarius Green only had 25 yards (2 catches, 6 targets). Bell was their most efficient receiver with 62 yards on 4 catches and 5 targets.

The Steelers didn’t score any touchdowns through the air and Big Ben finished with three interceptions. Because of that, the Bills were able to keep the game close despite Bell’s dominance throughout the game.

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Now, let’s talk about his running. When’s the last time you saw a running back carry the ball 38 times in one game? Okay, what about average 6.2 yards per carry — at 38 carries. Le’Veon Bell finished with 236 yards on 38 carries, scoring three touchdowns as well.

The Buffalo Bills had 48 total plays vs. Pittsburgh, the Steelers had 42 rush plays alone — all of them effective runs.

And Bell did it in a pretty amazing fashion, too. The versatility was obvious and he definitely possesses the talent every team wants in their running back.

“I don’t think there is any doubt, any question. Patient, like I have never seen any back in my life. Strong, just like the strongest back I have seen in my life. He is just the real deal man, like we tip our hat to him. He is flat out amazing,” continued Corey Graham on Le’Veon Bell.

As much as Bell’s performance was credited to the lack of run-defense by the Bills, it was equally credited to Bell’s pure talent and field vision. That’s why as embarrassing as it is, we know it could’ve happened to any other team because Le’Veon Bell is that good.

I mean, in the past four games Bell has totaled 823 yards and 5 TD, while totaling 1,053 rushing yards, 67 receptions, 563 receiving yards and 7 TD on the season.

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Corey Graham praising Le’Veon Bell might make some fans angry, since Buffalo fans are used to hating their opponents’ guts. However, this was simply talent recognizing talent and nothing more.

When someone puts on that kind of show — whether it’s someone from your team or the opposing team — you can’t do anything but tip your hat to them.


Alright, party time’s over. We can go back to hating the Steelers now for ruining our season.

All jokes aside, the Buffalo Bills‘ front office has a lot of thinking to do and the team still has three games left. With our playoff chances at 2%, it’s going to take a miracle for us to make it in. However, there’s still a chance.

Either way, let’s finish the year strong and with a 9-7 record.

Go Buffalo Bills!