5 Ways Bills Like Seahawks Super Bowl Championship Team

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Most Bills fans are just hoping for the playoffs. The Super Bowl seems like a distant dream but here are 5 ways the Bills are similar to the Seahawks Super Bowl Championship Team from Super Bowl 48.

Reason One: “Player Friendly” Head Coaches

Many Buffalo Bills fan jump on Rex Ryan because they say he’s a players coach.  He always backs his guys and has a great relationship with them. People believe that this means he is not a disciplinarian and it leads to his teams being over-penalized due to this lack of discipline. Rex would dispute that point. As reported by the YES Network in 2010 he said:

"“The environment that we have, I think, works. This is who we are. We’re maybe not traditional, the way you see other teams, but don’t make that mistake in thinking that we’re less disciplined than another team or anything else. It’s just the opposite.”"

The fact of the matter is Rex Ryan believes that people should be themselves and so he’s not going to act the way other people want him to. He makes no apologies for that and it rubs people the wrong way including myself at times.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is also considered a likable coach who is known as being “player friendly”. Carroll doesn’t get knocked around as much by the media because he doesn’t say as many boisterous statements as Rex but both coaches have overly positive outlooks. To prove my point take this quote by Carroll reported by the Seattle Times from 2010.

"“I live my life thinking something good is just about to happen to me. I don’t think things are going to go bad. My focus goes to how things could look and turn good.”"

Can’t you see Rex Ryan saying the exact same thing? You don’t need to be “misre-Bill Belichick” to win a championship and Pete Carroll proved that in early 2014 when the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII.