Bills Shouldn’t Hesitate If Lynch Falls To #19

Bills Shouldn’t Hesitate If Lynch Falls To #19

The Buffalo Bills probably have the most interesting pick in the middle of the first round.

The consensus pick for the Bills is to select defense due to the drop off in 2015. With Quarterbacks Jared Goff and Carson Wentz going #1 and #2, most likely, the Bills shouldn’t hesitate to select the third best quarterback on the board in Paxton Lynch, if he is available.

Buffalo is going to add a quarterback to the roster on draft weekend. Where that is, we have no idea. General Manager Doug Whaley has done a good job in making people believe the Bills are willing to take a gunslinger in the early rounds.

“I would say there is a very, very good possibility we will be drafting a quarterback. When that will be, I can’t tell you that because I don’t know,” Whaley said at the Bills Draft Luncheon. “Because again we always look at the value and opportunity and it has to meet. But it won’t keep us from keeping the options open if somebody calls and wants to trade a quarterback during draft day, or after the draft, or before the draft. So we do keep all our options open, but right now it is safe to say that it is probably leader in the club house how we would acquire a quarterback.”

Listening to Whaley’s comments about drafting, the General Manager is always high on drafting for value. If Lynch does fall to the 19th selection, I would say it is the most valuable pick at that point. Most experts had Lynch selected in the top-10 after the recent LA Rams and Philadelphia Eagles traded up to select their quarterbacks of the future.

Lynch can be a solid addition to the Bills for the future. He comes from a spread offense, has a solid foundation at 6’7” and 240 lbs and can make plays with his feet. He was only intercepted four times in his senior season and has shown touch and willingness to take risks with his throws.

I’m not saying Buffalo should select Lynch and start him right away. Tyrod Taylor had an excellent season in 2015 and it should warrant him a chance to show the Bills he can be the franchise guy. But if Taylor doesn’t progress and flames out like recent Bills quarterbacks have done, it would be great for Buffalo to have a high potential quarterback with a year of NFL experience under his belt ready to take the reins under center on the roster already.

The Bills haven’t drafted many quarterbacks since Jim Kelly retired. It’s tough to ignore how rarely the Bills have used the pick on that position. According to Matthew Fairburn of, EJ Manuel, Levi Brown, Trent Edwards, and JP Losman are the only quarterbacks the Bills have selected since 1995.

Most people say the Bills are in dire need of defense after dropping to 19th in total defense last season. The 2016 Draft has a ton a talent on the front seven in the first round, but the defensive side of the ball has a ton of depth in that position. Buffalo can find key attributes and starters in the 2nd to middle rounds.

Most of the Bills defense was built in the middle rounds. Why should they draft a stud defensive end when they can have a top-notch quarterback for the foreseeable future?