Don’t Listen to Tyrod Taylor’s Agent

Don’t listen to Tyrod Taylor’s agent. He’s just doing his job.

Bills fans should close their eyes, breathe in deep, exhale, and stop worrying about the latest comments from Tyrod Taylor’s agent regarding his frustrations with contract negotiations. Taylor’s agent, Adisa Bakari, said:

“It’s the Bills’ prerogative to do what they want to do as it relates to Tyrod Taylor or any other Bills player. Fortunately, there are 31 other teams that have watched and will be watching Tyrod. And the fact of the matter is what Tyrod was able to do as a first-time starter in 2015 was give the Bills the best quarterback play they’ve had since Jim Kelly. If that isn’t enough to warrant an extension, I don’t know what will be.”

When taken alone, this quote could seem like there is a lot of bad blood between Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills. However, there is no need to read too much into this comment.

An NFL agents only job is to get his client the maximum amount of overall and guaranteed dollars that he possibly can. The agent gets a percentage of Taylor’s contract so it obviously makes sense for him to posture for the largest deal for Tyrod. By acting angry now Bakari is hoping to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the Bills later.

Bakari is a smart man and he fully understands the Bills cap situation. Even if Buffalo signed Cordy Glenn and Stephon Gilmore to long-term deals that lowered their cap hit in 2016, they would still not be able to pay Tyrod Taylor his market value in light of the other mega-contracts signed by NFL quarterbacks recently. The fact of the matter is that the Bills just cannot afford to pay Tyrod Taylor his market value this season as we have previously written about.

Even if Taylor was truly angry at the Bills there is nothing he can do but hold out. The Bills still can franchise tag him at the end of this next season and keep him under contract for another year albeit at a significant raise. Buffalo really holds all the cards in this situation.

If the Bills were concerned that his attitude towards the team is starting to sour, they could try a short-term solution to add some incentives on his current deal which would allow him to make more if he plays well and stays healthy but it still wouldn’t be anywhere near the rate that Osweiler got.

Taylor, on the other hand, should not worry too much about this either. While it stinks for him to have to play for such a cheap contract this season, if he does perform this year he is going to get paid handsomely whether via the franchise tag or a lucrative long-term deal.

All will be good between Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills once the Bills have the available money to pay him. So don’t listen to Tyrod Taylor’s agent because there is nothing to worry about.