Doug Whaley Comments On Drafting QB


Doug Whaley Comments On Drafting QB

Yesterday, Doug Whaley made comments which were reported by Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News regarding whether the Buffalo Bills would look to add another quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft.  It was reported that Whaley said “We’ll do it because if you look at it, unfortunately we have two quarterbacks on the roster and both of them are entering the last year of their contract.  If it presents itself, it makes sense and it’s a guy we like, and we believe in, absolutely.”

I have seen multiple reactions to this statement but far too many people are citing this comment as a knock on Tyrod Taylor.  I disagree with this premise entirely.  What Whaley said was not only true but also smart.  You never want to pigeonhole yourself as an executive by limiting your options.  This is why good GM’s are always alluding to drafting the most talented player and not drafting based on team positional needs.  Yes from time to time you have a need so glaring you may need to reach a bit but on the whole you should always try to draft the best available player regardless of position if you want to be successful in the NFL over the long run.

Whaley intelligently points out that both Tyrod Taylor and E.J. Manuel only have a year left on their contracts so it would be wise for Buffalo to look to add a QB either via free agency or in the draft.  As we all know, barring some type of miracle, the Bills have no intention of re-signing E.J. Manuel after this season.  They may end up cutting him before the season starts although since his contract is fully guaranteed they have no financial incentive to do so.

Bills fans seem to have a broad spectrum of opinions when it comes to Tyrod Taylor.  Some think they have already found the next Jim Kelly while others feel it’s time to move on from him.  I believe that Tyrod is better than any QB that has played for Buffalo since Drew Bledsoe but I am not ready to extend him quite yet.  There is really no need to since the Bills can always franchise tag him, albeit at a very high cost, if he plays well in 2016 and they are unable to come to terms on a long-term deal.

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Regardless of what your opinion of Tyrod is, the Buffalo Bills absolutely need to add another QB to their roster before training camp.  Why not pick up a QB in the draft if it’s a player you like?  If Tyrod ends up playing extraordinarily well during 2016 you have no need to play the rookie QB but at least he would have the potential to make a better backup than E.J. Manuel.  If Tyrod has a terrible season in 2016 and the Bills choose to move on from him then you already have a QB on your roster who has had a year to get his feet wet in the NFL while developing and learning your offense.

I for one think you can never have too many quality QB’s on the roster.  When Green Bay had both Aaron Rogers and Brett Favre on their roster, I assure you that was a good problem to have.  The New England Patriots constantly draft QB’s despite having Tom Brady.  These drafted QB’s can always be used as trade bait down the road (i.e. Matt Cassel for a 2nd rounder).  So if drafting a quarterback when you already have an incumbent starter on the roster is good enough for Green Bay and New England, two of the most successful franchises in the NFL, then it should certainly be good enough for Doug Whaley and the Buffalo Bills.