Our Bills Christmas Wishlist


The holiday season is in full swing and with it comes little kids writing last minute letters to Santa Claus, listing what they want for the day filled with family, gifts and lights. So, why shouldn’t we partake in this festive tradition? Instead, we’re going to write a letter to Doug Whaley, describing what we as Bills fans would like this holiday season.

Dear Doug,

As you are starting to find out, running a team full of desperation gets quite challenging. When the fanbase is just as desperate for a spot in some meaningful January football, it becomes downright impossible sometimes. But since we are 16 years removed from this, can you blame us? So here at BuffaLowDown, we are going to help you out a little bit. Here are some things to take into consideration so that your ultimate gift to us next year is playoff football:

  • For LeSean McCoy and Tyrod Taylor, a franchise left tackle: Jason Peters was the man in Buffalo for three years, anchoring the offensive line that provided holes for Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and Willis McGahee. But since then, Demetress Bell and Cordy Glenn have tried and failed. With this offensive line somewhat weak, drafting a good left tackle will shore it up again and play right into Greg Roman’s scheme.
  • For Roman, some common sense: If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Roman has done a great job of implementing his scheme and it fits perfectly with McCoy in the backfield and Taylor trying to run things on the field. But too many times playcalling has let this team down. Throwing deep on third and short, taking the ball out of Sammy Watkins‘ hands after dynamic plays and other instances just don’t make sense.
  • For Rex Ryan, swallowing the ego: I get it, Ryan is a 3-4 defensive guy and the Bills have the personnel for a 4-3 defense. So it will definitely be interesting to see what moves are made in the offseason. With this defense as good as it was a season ago, it boggles my mind why Ryan would want to mess with it. If he is such a defensive genius, he should be able to design competent schemes each way.
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    For Watkins and McCoy, a muzzle:

    Now whether Watkins tried going into his coach’s office and pleading for the ball before he went to the media remains to be seen. But at the same time, he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Was he right? Yes, 100%. But he needs to learn to handle those situations in-house. McCoy on the other hand just needs to act professionally. That whole charade leading up to the Philly game was out of control and it was because he kept opening his mouth.

  • For the locker room, a vocal leader: Multiple players have come out and stated that there is a lack of leadership in the locker room right now. No surprise, since Fred Jackson is gone and Kyle Williams was out due to injury all year. Buffalo needs someone to step up and take charge because it sounds like there is a lot of finger pointing going on after losses, something that never used to happen.
  • For the fans, some patience: Yes, they have been waiting for 16 years. But I saw more bandwagon jumping on and off this season than I ever have in my 20 years of existence and of being a Bills fan. The last thing these players want to see are fans leaving after just a single loss. They aren’t the end of the world. Even New England loses. Stay loyal to the Bills and the players will continue to stay loyal to you.
  • You see, Mr. Whaley, we do not ask much of you. There are some things that need to be brought to the team this offseason, and all of them are doable in this offseason. Now if you do bring us these gifts, we will be delighted and a playoff berth will be given in our favor. But if you cannot, you may find some coal in your stocking when the next holiday rolls around. Merry Christmas!