Other Games for Bills Fans to Watch: Week 15


The Bills need a lot of help since losing last week to the Philadelphia Eagles, but anything is possible in the NFL. So, here are the other games around the league Buffalo should keep an eye on:

Chiefs at Ravens – Not expecting anything good to come from this game for the Bills. The Ravens are a mess and Kansas City has been the hottest team in football. Though the Chiefs haven’t been dominant, they just find ways to win (ex. Bills vs. Chiefs game). It looks like that week 12 loss to Kansas City could be the dagger for Buffalo playoff hopes. The chiefs will win this one easily, and the rest of their schedule is not much harder.

Broncos at Steelers – If the Bills have any hope of making the playoffs, Denver needs to win this one on the road against another red hot team. Big Ben has played the best football of his career, and that is a scary thing with the weapons he has. Denver has one of the best defenses in the NFL, but the offense has struggled all year. If the Denver defense can slow down Big Ben, they won’t be able to completely stop him, then they have a chance. The optimist in me says Denver has a chance, but the realist says that Pittsburgh comes away with a huge win, which would be devastating for the Bills.

Green Bay at Oakland – Oakland is the least of the Bills worries, but it would still help if they lost. Green Bay seems due for a breakout game where Rodgers and the offense puts up a lot of yards and points, I wouldn’t be shocked if it came this week. Khalil Mack is coming from a career game, with five sacks, so Green Bay will have to game plan to slow him down. I think Aaron Rodgers finds a way to get the win this week in Oakland.

New York Jets – The Jets had the Saturday night game in which they beat the Cowboys 19-16. The Jets did not look good at all. They barely beat Kellen Moore and Matt Cassel, who both played terrible. However; a win is a win in this league. The Jets have New England next week, a game where they have no chance if they play like they did last night.

The Bills play off chances certainly don’t look good, but there is a chance. Hopefully they get some help this week from other teams around the league.