Likes, Dislikes from Bills vs. Eagles


A lot more do dislike then to like from this week if you’re a Bills fan, but nonetheless here are my likes and dislikes from Philadelphia:


  1. Fletcher Cox – Wow can he really make a difference, constantly getting by the Bills offensive line and being disruptive all day.
  2. LeSean McCoy – though he didn’t have the best day statistically he ran the ball hard and did everything he could to win this game. Put aside all the talk, Shady really wanted this one, and he played like it.
  3. Ronald Darby – Struggled a few times in recent games but he was sharp in this one. Especially on a third down pass breakup late in the game.
  4. Connor Barwin – The Eagles have a solid defensive line, the Bills just could not keep them out of the backfield. Barwin had a few hurries, and also a couple really impressive plays to bat down the ball.
  5. Donnie Jones – First time all season a punter made the list, Jones had an incredible day punting, averaging over 50 yards on seven punts.
  6. Zach Ertz YAC – On a 41 yard play that ended up winning the game for the Eagles, Ertz broke an open field tackle to get free, nice running.
  7. Tyrod Taylor Scramble -Taylor was hesitant all day to run, often electing to throw rather than pick up an easy five yards with his legs, but he did scramble for a huge first down on 3rd and 14.
  8. LeSean McCoy blocking – A very underrated part of McCoy’s game, he did well all day blocking for Taylor, even down the field on scrambles.
  9. Leodis McKelvin INT – Though he was bad most of the day, and most of his career, this was an outstanding play. He went over the top of Ertz to rip the ball away and somehow stayed in bounds for the interception.
  10. Bacarri Rambo – Each week I like Rambo more and more, another great game from him. Seven tackles, one pass breakup, and a few nice blitzes.


  1. Buffalo Cadence – Though it is no excuse for the false starts, I don’t get it. Why does Tyrod have everyone set, yet take forever to snap the ball. He isn’t using a hard count, he just sits there while everyone has to stay set waiting for him.
  2. Rex Ryan – Pretty hard to yell at the officials when you had 15 penalties, and almost all of them were obvious. This one is on you Rex.
  3. Offsides – Four offsides against the Bills, FOUR! How do you do that? Is it that hard to watch the ball??? Turns a long 3rd and 9 into a very manageable 3rd and 4.
  4. Illegal Motion – This play was designed to be a penalty, does Roman just not know the rules? Thigpen was sent in motion and then started running towards the line of scrimmage by design, that was a pretty easy call that gave the Bills no advantage.
  5. Demarco Murray – The reigning NFL rushing leader looks to be a one-hit wonder at this point. He just doesn’t run the ball hard this year.
  6. Pick Play – Not the reason the Bills lost, but that pick play has to be called and next year there has to be an emphasis to crack down on that. Play of the game should have been a penalty.
  7. Sam Bradford – I know he had one of his best games, but that should say a lot. He just doesn’t look comfortable and his body language is always negative. Every time he gets hit he looks hurt.
  8. Tyrod Taylor final INT – Not sure why he forced this one, still plenty of time and not that far to go. Why force a throw into double coverage, you have to see that safety.
  9. Leodis McKelvin Hustle – All he had to do was make an effort and touch Riley Cooper before he got out of bounds and the first half would end without a Philly field goal. He didn’t, Cooper gets out of bounds, the Eagles get three points and win the game by three.
  10. Bills Playoff Drought – This loss almost guarantees the streak is now at 16 seasons, so our playoff drought can now get a driver’s license.