Bills vs. Eagles? More like McCoy vs. Kelly


As the Buffalo Bills head to the City of Brotherly Love to take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon, a reuniting of familiar faces will occur on the turf of Lincoln Financial Field. Kiko Alonso and LeSean McCoy are getting set to face their former teams, and Chip Kelly is trying to prove that he actually did do the right thing by making that trade last spring.

For the record, I do not think that was a good trade for the Eagles because McCoy is one of the few backs in the league that would be able to do very well in that offense (Jamaal Charles being another one of them), but that’s neither here nor there.

McCoy has been very vocal about his feelings for the former Oregon coach, now instilling his system with the Eagles. In his latest stint, McCoy said that “Chip can’t shake s***” in a press conference over the weekend.

This made Herm Edwards, former ball coach himself and now analyst on ESPN, go, well, Herm Edwards on the situation.

I will say this. The whole thing is just a publicity stunt and if you don’t believe that, you are insane. Does McCoy have a bone to pick with his former coach? Yeah probably, especially when you get traded away from a team you grew up loving and wanting to play for.

That would basically be like trading away LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers (yes, I know he left, but you get my point). The fact of the matter is that these two do not like each other.

Kelly came out two days ago, saying that the trade was “mishandled” and a “lesson that I will never do again.” Which one? The whole trading away your best player thing or not letting him know that you were planning on trading him?

Kelly mishandled the situation, no question about it. But at the same time, McCoy just needs to let his play do the talking. He is on a team with a real shot at a playoff berth for the first time in this millennium. So, the less amount of distractions the better. Shady is also ninth in rushing yards and fifth in yards per carry, so he is a playmaker on the field and apparently you should not get on his bad side off the field either.

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The whole point here is that this game is no longer about the Bills and Eagles duking it out at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, with both teams’ playoff chances hanging in the balance, something both teams have been craving for some time now.

This is about a player and a coach who cannot seem to keep their mouth shut and just play the game the way it needs to be played: on the field. But again, this is the NFL. Where off the field distractions dominate the headlines.