Likes, Dislikes from Buffalo vs. Houston


Likes, Dislikes from Buffalo vs. Houston

It is never easy on my blood pressure watching a Bills game, even in this win over the Texans. Every game is a roller coaster with this team. Here is what I liked and disliked from this week:


  1. Bacarri Rambo hit on Cecil Shorts – Huge play in this game, 3rd and 6 with the game tied and time winding down. McKelvin was burned on crossing routes by Shorts, who then had his hands on a well thrown ball before being leveled by Rambo. Clean hit, breaks up the pass, beautiful play.
  2. Manny Lawson – Lawson was everywhere with eight tackles, and more importantly a few really nice plays in coverage on tight ends, running backs, and even a receiver.
  3. Sammy Watkins – Every week he shows why he needs the ball. Again only a few targets, but still had over 100 yards and a touchdown.
  4. Tyrod Taylor TD Run – Great athleticism to get to the edge, stay on his feet avoiding a tackle and somehow had enough speed to get to the pylon. Taylor had another great game for the Bills, and is making a strong case for next year.
  5. DeAndre Hopkins One Hander – Hopkins probably has the second best hands in the league behind Beckham, and he needed only one on a big 23 yard reception.
  6. LeSean McCoy – Can’t wait to see him against the Eagles this week. McCoy had decent blocking, but made defenders miss all day. He hurdled, juked, and reversed field on numerous plays for big gains.
  7. Chris Polk – Polk only had 61 yards, but he only had 12 carries. Polk was a load, often times carrying Buffalo defenders down the field for extra yardage.
  8. Buffalo Offensive Line – Giving up only one sack against Houston is a huge win. The banged up line gave Taylor just barely enough time all day, but it was enough. They also did a great job run blocking and containing J.J. Watt.
  9. Marcus Thigpen – Anyone else feel a lot better about him catching punts then McKelvin? Thigpen didn’t have any explosive plays, but he is about as solid as it gets always knowing when to fair catch and when to let the ball bounce by the end zone.
  10. Christian McCaffrey – My only like away from the Bills – Texans game this week comes from Stanford. I think he deserves the Heisman, but not sure he will win it. Other then being electrifying on the field McCaffrey says all the right things off the field.


  1. Chris Gragg 1-on-1 with Clowney – Do you really expect Chris Gragg, a reserve tight end, to be able to block Jadeveon Clowney by himself? Easy sack for Clowney on that play.
  2. Buffalo Defensive Scheme – Next time I see a lineman or linebacker cover a receiver so a defensive back can blitz I might puke. It also makes me sick watching the Bills rush less than four, which happens more often then not.
  3. Greg Roman – I suppose he should get some credit for the game plan against what has been the best defense of late, but I just don’t get it. THROW SAMMY THE BALL! For the second straight week Watkins has been dominant, but they refuse to get him the ball in the second half again.
  4. Charles Clay Drop – Beautiful throw by Tyrod on what would have been a big 3rd down conversion, Clay heard footsteps and dropped the ball. No tight end should be scared crossing the middle, it is your job.
  5. Kevin Johnson – The Houston rookie corner was burned all day, no matter who he was guarding. Watkins and Woods both caught touchdowns on Johnson.
  6. Hopkins Push Off – How do you miss a receiver using two hand to create space and catch a touchdown? That would certainly have been called defensive pass interference if Darby was the receiver, so why is that not offensive pass interference.
  7. Dan Carpenter – Its time for Carpenter to go, plain and simple.
  8. Ron Brooks – Was anyone surprised when it was Robey called for holding negating a long punt return by Thigpen? It seems like every week he gets a special teams penalty.
  9. Buffalo Run Defense – Polk and Jonathan Grimes both averaged over five yards per carry, and they did nothing special. Simple runs up the middle where the defensive line had no penetration led to easy first downs.