What I Liked & Disliked from Week 12


Another heartbreaking loss for the Bills, what else is new. Despite the loss there were things to like about Sunday, but unfortunately a lot more to dislike.


Sammy Watkins – Whenever he is given the chance Watkins shows that he can be a game changing receiver for this team, the only problem is he rarely gets that chance. Watkins absolutely dominated the first half no matter who was trying to stop him.

Nigel Bradham open field tackle – The same play that has killed the Bills this year, a running back one on one with a linebacker on a short pass. Bradham made a big time hit to bring down Ware for a loss in the open field.

Buffalo Pass Protection – Tyrod Taylor had plenty of time to sit in the pocket and allow the deep routes to develop in this game. Many times he had more time than he thought and could’ve stepped up in the pocket to give himself more room. At times pass protection has been a problem, but not in this game.

Jeremy Maclin – Regardless of whether he actually caught the deep ball in the 1st half, it counts. Maclin burned Darby a few times and ended the game with 9 catches for 160 yards.

Travis Kelce catch and run – On a 3rd and 2 in the fourth quarter Kelce caught a low throw across the middle without breaking stride and turned a short pass into a 38 yard gain, great balance by Kelce.

Spencer Ware – This guy just did not want to go down all game long. Ware had over 100 yards, I’d bet most of them were after contact, running like a bull in a china shop.

Andy Reid screen play call – Another huge 3rd down in the fourth quarter, the Bills showed blitz but bluffed on the previous play. They showed blitz again and brought it, Reid had the perfect screen play dialed up to keep the drive alive, great call.

Kansas City Playoff Chances – The Chiefs are now 6-5 and have a very easy schedule the rest of the way. If they can beat Oakland this week they should have no problem winning four of the next five before another match up with Oakland.


Challenges – Rex missed three pretty obvious calls that should’ve been challenged, and he challenged the one play that was not even close. Terrible job, don’t blame the stadium replays, there should be someone upstairs looking at those plays.

Greg Roman – I just don’t understand how you only target Sammy Watkins one time in the second half. I don’t care if he has a safety over top, or who is covering him, the guy made play after play when given the chance.

Rex Ryan – Just overall out coached by Andy Reid in this one. Rex decided to rush three many times, which made no sense after having Tom Brady scared the whole game last week. Rex blew this game.

Dan Carpenter – Carpenter really changed the game with his missed extra point that wasn’t even close. Carpenter is shaky every time he gets on the field, this year might be his last in Buffalo.

Drives Stalling – Buffalo had a two drives stall inside Chiefs territory, but not close enough for points, that was the difference in this game. They have to find a way to finish drives.

Rookie CBs – Both Ronald Darby and the Chiefs’ Marcus Peters are having incredible years, but they gave up some big plays in this one. I can imagine it was pretty hard to play corner on a field you could barely stand on, but nonetheless neither impressed me in this one.

Field Conditions – I get it, it was raining nonstop and grass can only hold so much water, but wow did that effect the game for both teams. Even the officials couldn’t stay on their feet. If there was ever a reason to switch to turf this game was it.

Jerry Hughes – As usual Hughes was good for a few penalties that were completely unnecessary, the roughing the passer pretty much sums up the Bills season.

Buffalo Pass Rush – Yikes, after hitting Tom Brady all night they barely touched Alex Smith. The Chiefs lost their starting tackle, but that didn’t matter. Part of the problem was the Bills only rushing three, which made no sense to me.