Likes/Dislikes from Bills vs. Patriots


What a wacky game it was in New England where the Bills lost 20-13. There were plenty of things to like and dislike from this game.


LeSean McCoy – Another great game from McCoy who was arguably the best player on the field Monday Night. McCoy has looked like the player we all expected we were getting from the Eagles.

Stephon Gilmore pass break up – What an athletic play by Gilmore to knock away a beautiful deep ball from Tom Brady. Gilmore leapt with full extension to get a hand on it and break up the potential touchdown.

Dont’a Hightower tackle to set up 4th down- Hightower shot the gap and made a great diving tackle to take down the much quicker McCoy behind the line of scrimmage. Huge 3rd down play for New England.

Buffalo Pressure – Brady was running scared all night, he was constantly knocked down and had to throw the ball away in the face of pressure. No roughing the passer penalties for the Bills, every hit on Brady was legal.

Nigel Bradham hit on Brady – Bradham leveled Brady on an interception return on a hit that probably was not necessary, but as a Bills fan you always enjoy watching Brady get hit.

Sammy Watkins one handed catch – Wow! Sammy Watkins can really play, maybe he should get the ball more. Beautiful one handed catch to keep the drive alive.

Patriots Mindset – Does not matter who is injured, who they are playing, or where they are playing. All the team does is win every week. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but they are coming out with the win.

Mike Tirico – Always fun listening to Mike Tirico, he calls the game as he sees it. Loved the way he ended the game, never scared to criticize officials of the NFL when need be.


Greg Roman – I’m sure it wasn’t Tyrod Taylor’s choice to not even look towards Sammy Watkins the entire first half. Sammy has shown he is capable of being a game changer, but he needs the chance to do so.

Tyrod Taylor deep ball – The best part of his arm is usually the deep ball, which has been on display all year. However; Monday night he missed an easy touchdown to Chris Hogan and threw the ball out of bounds to Sammy Watkins.

Tom Brady – Wouldn’t stand in the pocket and make a good throw knowing he was going to get hit all game. Rather then taking a hit to make a play he threw the ball away or into the ground.

Kickers – Both missed big field goals that could have cost their teams the game, and in Carpenter’s case, it was a big reason for the loss causing a ten point swing. No one is perfect, and they were long field goals, but misses always hurt.

Duke Williams on the New England touchdown – No reason for him to get burnt that bad by James White for an easy 20 yard score. That one hurt.

Leodis McKelvin – Why was he on the field for punts? He didn’t look comfortable catching any of the punts, that just made no sense. The Buffalo coaching staff was asking for disaster by continuing to put him out there.

NFL Officiating – Gene Steratore is supposed to be on of the best officials in the league, he looked like the worst on Monday. This game had the potential to be great, but we watched more of the refs then the actual game, just tough to watch. I think it is time for officials to be full time employees, the NFL has plenty of money to pay them.