Bills vs. Patriots: Immediate Reactions


I mean… did we expect something different? The Buffalo Bills made plays to lose a game against the New England Patriots in a game that they badly wanted to have when it comes to terms with the AFC playoff chase. With the loss, Buffalo falls back to a herd of four wild-card hunters at 5-5, with the AFC South-leading Indianapolis Colts also standing at .500 after ten games in the 2015 season.

But oh my goodness there are so many points in this game to look back on and yell at. Dan Carpenter missed a field goal, yes, but that is also after LeSean McCoy dropped a pass in the end zone. If he’s a wide receiver, then that’s a touchdown.

Carpenter then misses a field goal, Corey Graham misses a tackle on the James White touchdown late in the first half. 10-3 New England going into the break and you knew that something just did not feel right.

Then… the fun began. An inadvertent whistle? Really? I don’t care who that was against, that is just inexcusable at the professional level. That’s something you’d expect in a little kid’s Pop Warner game when the ref starts laughing at the little kid juking some defender. To Gene Steratore from us all, that was pathetic.

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Anyways, going forward, Buffalo needs to use this same defensive tenacity that they had the entire game.

Tom Brady

threw under duress 19 times in this game, as he barely completed 50% of his passes going 20-for-39. He also threw for far less than the 466 he threw for in Buffalo, tossing for 277 yards.

Somehow, some way, the Bills defense kept them in this ball game. Even after the whistle, New England didn’t score. When Leodis McKelvin fumbled a return (gee, where have we heard that one before?), the defense held them to three points. Other than just a couple mistakes, this defense did its job tonight.

They could have been better, but did their job. The same cannot be said for this offense, which continues to baffle. Sammy Watkins had three catches for 39 yards and did not have a single grab in the first half. His first reception was a one-handed snag. He should have been featured much more in this offense, an offense that should be very dynamic but just wasn’t tonight.

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Chris Hogan

is your leader in yards from a running back or wide receiver, something is wrong with the offense. Nothing against 7/11, but it’s not what you want.

Also, from midfield, why are you not going for it? You’re down two possessions with 10 minutes left at your own 47. Your defense has been playing great to this point, and the master of time management is on the other side of the ball. Be aggressive and go for it! Almost as if Doug Marrone was wearing the headset and not Rex Ryan tonight.

Needless to say, this game was not great from a Bills perspective, but they are still right in it. They need a win next week against Kansas City to go to 6-5 and then probably a must-win the following week hosting the Houston Texans. Both teams currently sit at 5-5 and are tied with Buffalo.

If the Bills can win those next two games, I see them making the playoffs with three straight NFC East opponents left on the schedule before the Jets.

This game was just weird and it took forever. Oh well. Bills lost to the Patriots. Yes we are all upset, but it’s come to the point where it’s not even upsetting anymore. It’s just become habit somehow. I don’t know how, it just has. Onto Kansas City!