Bills MMQB: Successful Sunday sets stage for monumental Monday


Bills MMQB: Successful Sunday sets stage for monumental Monday

In the midst of a playoff chase, there are teams looking to catch you and teams you are looking to catch. The Buffalo Bills are no exception to this standard, but as of right now, there are far more teams trying to catch them than the Bills are trying to catch. Frankly, all they can catch are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who currently hold the No. 5 seed in the AFC Wild Card.

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But the Bills can eliminate all of the tiebreakers tonight with a win on the road against the New England Patriots, an undefeated New England team that’s averaging close to 33 points a game.

There was help given to Buffalo yesterday, and with a win tonight, Rex Ryan’s club will have a full game lead over the contenders in the AFC Wild Card which include teams such as the New York Jets, the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs. All three of these teams remain on the Bills schedule, with the Chiefs and Texans coming in the next two weeks.

Houston took down the Jets, who have now lost four of five. The Raiders fell to the terrible Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins also lost to the suddenly-rejuvinated Dallas Cowboys. Now here is the question: Can Buffalo take advantage?

We wrote last week about how the Bills finally one “The Big Game.” You know, that game that the Bills HAD to win against a really good team? Well, they did that last week when they took down the Jets on the road. Normally, they would fall short, but not this time.

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Now, it’s a game that can really help their chances, but it is not necessarily a must-win. As said, the Bills will take a full-game advantage over a pack of teams at 5-5 and hold onto the tiebreakers. They would also control their own destiny with playing Houston and Kansas City the following two weeks.

This is another one of those games that Ryan needs on his journey back towards the top. Taking down Bill Belichick is at the top of his list and breaking New England’s unbeaten record would make this win even sweeter.

With Julian Edelman out, the game is there for the taking. All you have is figure out a way to take down Rob Gronkowski, or one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game, and you’re set! Easier said than done.

The fact of the matter is that the Bills got some help on Sunday. They need to be able to put together a complete 60 minutes tonight to be the best team in the AFC and the second-best team in football (sorry, but Carolina has them beat right now). It’s time for Buffalo to continuing winning when they have to, especially against the Patriots, a team all Bills fans have learned to love to hate.