Bills vs. Jaguars: What did we just watch?


…what was that? Seriously though, that was easily the wildest football game I’ve ever seen (no I was not alive for the comeback game).

EJ Manuel did a great job of coming back together after his horrid start to get the Bills back into the game while the defense played really well up until that final drive when Blake Bortles just tore this defense apart.

Back to the second quarter. The Jaguars put together 21 points in 109 seconds, taking all of the momentum in the game.

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But credit to the Bills. This team was down 27-3 and was able to rally back. That touchdown to Robert Woods towards the end of the half and the Dan Carpenter field goal salvaged what was a terrible first half.

Teams who are trailing by 24 points in any point of a game in the last two seasons were a mere 1-75 and the Bills are 0-30 when trailing by that margin over the last 15 seasons.

The second half was a tale of two quarters, literally. After a snoozer of a third quarter that saw three points, the fourth quarter was wild. Manuel dropped a dime of a throw into Marcus Easley and every Bills fan was going nuts, saying “here we go again!”

Me? Now I was just exhaling and laughing because this is just like every Bills game ever. More laughing ensued when Corey Graham scored a touchdown, and I could not have been the only one.

This game was a wild treat to anybody in London, but for many different reasons. If you wanted a quality football game, you probably were not a fan of this game. If you wanted a wild, fun affair to wake up to, you got that and a whole lot more.

I have a bone to pick with a couple of the encounters late in that game, so here we go. First off, how is that pass interference on Nickell Robey? He dove behind the receiver when trying to make a play, the receiver dove with him and the flag was thrown. Instead of fourth down, it’s first down for the Jags.

Two plays later, Bortles fires to Hurns for the game-winning score.

Of the mind-boggling playcalls that offensive coordinator Greg Roman made throughout the game, this was by far the worst. On fourth down, he decides to roll out Manuel to his left (opposite his throwing hand) and throw a hitch route to Robert Woods.

Normally, this would be a nice play if it was a second or third option, maybe a play-action. But on fourth down, with the game on the line, you don’t even try to incorporate the team’s best offensive player when you need a yard?

All McCoy had to do was literally reach to the yard line like he did on the two-point conversion and the Bills would have kept the ball. After that, they would need 15 yards in a minute to get into Dan Carpenter field goal range.

Instead, Manuel flubs the pass across his body and it’s easily batted away, ending any and all hope of a miraculous comeback.

There is no way you can expect to win a game with four turnovers against any opponent, but just the mere fact that the Bills had a lead late in the fourth quarter shows how bad the Jaguars wanted to give this game away.

Anyway, Buffalo needs to regroup because they have a stretch of crucial division games coming up in which they host the Dolphins, head to New York on a Thursday night and head to New England on a Monday night. If the Bills don’t go 2-1 against these teams, you can all-but kiss any hope of the playoffs goodbye.

52. Final. 31. 16. 34