Life for Bills Gets A Lot Easier


Luckily for the Buffalo Bills life gets a lot easier for the remainder of the season. The Bills roller coaster season thus far has them limping to week 7 after a disappointing loss to one of the NFL’s best teams in a game where the Bills were looking to prove themselves as playoff contenders in the AFC. Unfortunately the Bills looked nothing like a playoff team, instead they resembled the mediocre teams we have seen for the past decade. Not all is bad news for the Bills, as their upcoming schedule will be a lot easier than the first six weeks of the year.

Out of the first six quarterbacks Buffalo faced so far this year, four of them are former pro bowlers, and all of them have been to the playoffs in the past five years. In fact the only quarterback of the bunch who has yet to win a playoff game, Andy Dalton, is having an MVP like start to the season. This certainly does not give the Bills any excuses, since these are the players they will have to beat if they want any postseason success, but lets not panic about the defense yet.

Out of the remaining 10 games the Bills play, they will face eight quarterbacks they have not seen yet this year. The list of those quarterbacks is: Blake Bortles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith, Bryan Hoyer, Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins, and a recovering Tony Romo. None of the guys on that list should scare a team at all, especially since the Bills will face Fitzpatrick twice and Tannehill again.

If there was ever a schedule set up for the Bills to make a playoff run to end the season, this is the schedule. The defense will have plenty of easy opponents to regain their confidence and swagger against. The though part of the schedule is over, and the Bills more or less survived it, now is when they must tighten up the holes on defense and start winning games consistently.

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