Buffalo Bills: Predicting the 2015 season (Part three)


We predict the Buffalo Bills results for games nine-to-12 of the 2015 season

With the final roster cuts made, the talking is (mostly) over for the Buffalo Bills and the rest of the NFL. Now it’s time for everyone to show what they can do on the field.

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Optimism is at its highest in Western New York for 10 years, and rightly so. The Bills have arguably their best roster since they last made the playoffs in 1999.

Of course, a lot of what they do will depend on the type of performance they get from behind center. Tyrod Taylor currently has the keys to the offence, but it remains to be seen how than pans out.

With the Bills home opener less than a week away, we thought we’d have some fun predicting their results for the 2015 campaign. In the third of a four-part series, we look at games nine-to-12 of the new season, and give our thoughts on what Buffalo’s record will be.

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New York Jets. 9. team. 30. The Bills will start off the second half of the schedule with a three-game road trip. With all due respect to the Jets, this contest will represent the best chance for Buffalo to get a crucial win away from home. However, this doesn’t mean New York will necessarily be an easy pushover. You have to believe the players will be motivated to show Rex Ryan how good they can be.<p>To be fair, the Jets did have the league’s sixth-best defense last season, under their former head coach. And you imagine they will only be better, with the return of <strong><a href=. (Win: 7-2). Previous:

(Loss: 7-3). Previous: . New England Patriots. 10. team. 47. Assuming my predictions pan out as planned, the Bills will enter this game on a six-game winning streak. Unfortunately, this is where it will come to a grinding halt. I just can’t envision any scenario in which Buffalo can sweep the season series against the Patriots.<p>More to the point, there is no way they are going to go into Foxboro, and defeat Bill Belichik and <strong><a href=

Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 11. team. 124. Fasten your seat belts Bills fans. The result of this game is going to represent the first losing streak of the season for your beloved team. In the process, this will lead to panic among Buffalo sports fans, who often walk around with a sense of impending doom anyway.<p>The reality is that the Bills have lost their last two encounters with the Chiefs, and they were both at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Faced with going to Kansas City, to deal with one of the loudest crowds in the NFL, will prove a tough task. Throw in the fact the Chiefs have a fine defense, and were one of the best teams not to make the playoffs last season, and ultimately, the Bills will lose this one. </p>. (Loss: 7-4)

10. After a losing road trip, not much beats returning to play at home. Although you have to figure the Texans will still provide a tough opponent, especially with a certain <strong><a href=. (Win: 8-4). Previous: . Houston Texans. 12. team

So there you have it – after 12 games, I expect the Bills record to be 8-4. Check back later on this week, for our predictions on the final part of Buffalo’s schedule.

What do you expect the Bills record to be after three quarters of their season? Let us know via the poll or the comments section below.

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