Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Knee Jerk Reaction


The Buffalo Bills are out of the gates.  They have completed their first game of the 2015 season.  After facing off against the Carolina Panthers, not many questions had been answered that were posed heading into the game.

The Buffalo Bills starting offense did not look too bad out there.  They had a bit of a slow start but on their second possession, they came through with the rookie Karlos Williams pounding the rock in for about 1 yard.  to take the lead and have the first score of the game.

Although a bit of a concern, during their second drive, they stalled for a bit with a couple of back to back to back penalties but were able to keep the ball moving and didn’t let that get them down.

Tyrod Taylor, in the second quarter, definitely increased his stock a bit as he looked to be in control and was able to move the ball both with his arm and his leg.  He was able to make plays happen when all hope seemed to be lost.  At this point, with what I saw I would move Tyrod Taylor into the starting quarterback job.

Bryce Brown, next to Karlos Williams was able to make an impression and move the ball well.  Bryce Brown, who has had some issues with putting the ball on the ground this year was able to make moves and rack up the yards.

The Buffalo Bills were able to put together 125 yards on the ground in the first half to the Carolina Panthers 3 yards.  This says something about our starting defense as well, keeping the Panthers to only 3 yards.

With the second half, there were definitely some issues that started to become prevalent.  The defense had a tough time stopping the Panthers offense and allowed the Panthers to go ahead 17-14 with a couple of minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

The 3rd quarter also brought on EJ Manuel.  His first series, which seemed to be a combination off error on his part and the offensive line, along with the rest of the offense, went a quick 3 and out.  Although later on in the 3rd, Manuel did put up a 51 yard bomb right to Thompson, on point, for the Buffalo Bills to move ahead of the Panthers late in the 3rd; 24-17

Manuel, seemed to be able to settle down a bit and it looked like he felt confident in the pocket and was actually fairly accurate on his passes each, which had good velocity on them as well.

Overall, for the Buffalo Bills, they did not play too terribly for the first preseason game of the year.  For the offense to face off against a different defense with a difference look, there was definitely some takeaway for them. The Bills seemed to keep to their philosophy of the ground and pound throughout the game, now can they do that every game?

The defense, for the majority of the game was able to be dominant and make a difference in the game.  This is a good starting point for the Buffalo Bills to move forward with and have a good idea of where some of the pieces are going to fit in.

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