Is Fred Jackson’s time in Buffalo over


Is Fred Jackson’s time in Buffalo over

The Buffalo Bills had 5 running backs coming into camp. LeSean McCoy was traded for and they had Fred Jackson, Boobie Dixon, and Bryce Brown already on the team.  With the addition of Karlos Williams via the draft, the Buffalo Bills were ready for the ground and pound philosophy they had been preaching.

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Anthony Dixon goes down a couple of days ago with a injury that will keep him out a couple of week.  He pretty much was on the team for special teams purposes, at least that is what we predicted when we went through our breakdown of the positions and who would make the team and who wasn’t moving on.  At this point, Dixon might be an odd man out.

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills suffered another injury to a running back, where this back may not be able to recover enough to get a spot in a backfield with a lot of talent.  Fred Jackson suffered a pulled hamstring which is projected to keep him out of practice for about 2 weeks.

Jackson is 34 and the oldest back in the league.  There has already been questions whether he would have been resigned by the team over the off-season.  He was, but now there is a question, with two backs out, Dixon and Jackson, if the others Williams and Brown will be able to impress enough to boot both of the off of the island.

The Buffalo Bills also brought in another back, Bronson Hill, a rookie, where the only thing that Rex Ryan knows about him is that he is a big back.

Both Jackson and Dixon are fan favorites on the team.  Will these injuries cause these two guys to miss their chance on a team that could break the playoff drought for the first time in 15 years?

Fred Jackson has been on the team for 8 years and has one challenge after another that he has over come, along with beating out some of the top backs along the way during his time, and has been a top contributor to this offense for that time.

It would be a disappointment for Jackson to lose his spot over a injury like this and not having him fight for it and just get beat out fair and square, but at the end of the day, this is a business and Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills organization has to put the best 53 guys on the field and put their personal relationships aside for that purpose.

One thing if Jackson does not make this team, is to bring him on as a coach for the Buffalo Bills in some capacity.  You keep him in the organization as a mentor and a leader.  That just might be an option.

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