Buffalo Bills strength of schedule


Buffalo Bills strength of schedule

Each year we take a look at the schedule for the Buffalo Bills and look at where they fall as far as strength of schedule is concerned, and what the possible outcome could be for the Buffalo Bills.

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If I remember correctly, the Buffalo Bills, last year, had exactly a .500 strength of schedule which put them in the top half of the league at 14th overall.

This year, the Buffalo Bills, stayed the same as far as rankings are concerned, and have the 14th overall strength of schedule.  They did get a lower percentage than that of last years and are sitting with a .486 as far as records are concerned from the teams they will face last year.

With the easiest strength of schedule out there, the Atlanta Falcons beat out the Indianapolis Colts for the easiest schedule coming in with a .409.  Indianapolis and the Houston Texans both came in with a .417 strength to finish with the 2nd easiest schedule this year.  It helps that these teams are in terrible divisions.  I am sure that if Buffalo was there, they would be close to the top as well.

The team that has the toughest schedule and has to work their way back to the playoffs is that of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They finished with a .579 strength of schedule with the Cincinnati Bengals coming in 2nd overall for the toughest schedule with a .563 percent strength.

The Buffalo Bills will always be right in the middle of the pack, unless there is a major push in the AFC East or a major drop off as some of these other divisions have seen and no one has a winning record, but with a pretty even breakdown in the AFC East as far as records have been going, the Buffalo Bills will always be in that middle of the pack strength of schedule each and every year.

Here is a list of where all the teams finished starting with the toughest and moving on down to the easiest.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 147-107-2, .579

2. Cincinnati Bengals: 144-112, .563

3. San Francisco 49ers: 143-112-1, .561

4. Seattle Seahawks: 142-112-2, .559

5. Arizona Cardinals:142-113-1, .557

6. St. Louis Rams: 141-114-1, .553

T-7. Oakland Raiders: 139-116-1, .545

T-7. Kansas City Chiefs: 139-116-1, .545

9. Cleveland Browns: 138-116-2, .543

10. Denver Broncos: 138-117-1, .541

11. Baltimore Ravens: 137-117-2, .539

12. Minnesota Vikings: 138-118, .539

13. Chicago Bears: 136-120, .531

14. Green Bay Packers: 135-120-1, .529

15. Detroit Lions: 135-121, .527

16. San Diego Chargers: 132-123-1, .518

17. Miami Dolphins: 126-130, .492

18. New York Jets: 125-131, .488

19. Buffalo Bills: 124-131-1, .486

T-20. Washington Redskins: 122-133-1, .478

T-20. New York Giants: 122-133-1, .478

22. New England Patriots: 122-134, .477

23. Philadelphia Eagles: 121-134-1, .475

24. Dallas Cowboys: 119-136-1, .467

25. Jacksonville Jaguars: 118-137-1, .463

26. Tennessee Titans: 111-144-1, .435

27. Carolina Panthers: 111-145, .434

28. New Orleans Saints: 109-145-2, .429

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 108-146-2, .425

30. Houston Texans: 106-148-2, .417

31. Indianapolis Colts: 106-149-1, .417

32. Atlanta Falcons: 104-150-2, .409

Based on strength of schedule where do you predict that the Buffalo Bills will finish the season.  We will take a look at this in another post and breakdown the games based on this and other factors.

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