Buffalo Bills Fans Rank At The Bottom Of The Pack


Yes, that is not a typo.  The ranking of the Buffalo Bills fans came in close to the bottom of the league, we were actually ranked 5th worst in the league with only the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins coming in worst than that of the Buffalo Bills.

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Emory Sports Marketing Analytics had provided this market research for the past 3 years.  They have tried to determine the “best” fan bases across the league and rank them.

The Buffalo Bills finished in the exact same place last year, and in reality, it doesn’t look like many of the teams changed places, copy and paste it, less work that way.

In 2013, the Buffalo Bills were ranked, by this research, at 19th overall, with Pittsburgh coming in at the top and Dallas second.

"For the past three years, we have tried to answer the question of which teams have the “best” fans. “Best” is a funny word that can mean a lot of things but what we are really trying to get at is what team has the most avid, engaged, passionate and supportive fans. The twist is that we are doing this using hard data, and that we are doing it in a very controlled and statistically careful fashion.By hard data we mean data on actual fan behavior. In particular, we are focused on market outcomes like attendance, prices or revenues. A lot of marketing research focused on branding issues relies on things like consumer surveys. This is fine in some ways, but opinion surveys are also problematic. It’s one thing to just say you are a fan of a local team, and quite another to be willing to pay several thousand dollars to purchase a season ticket.– Emory Sports Marketing Analytics"

They provided a basis for the Browns, Dolphins and Raiders as to their placement, but nothing about why the Buffalo Bills were ranked so low.

How correct are these measures? They base their findings on a revenue-premium model.  Basically this “Fan Equity” is looked at through the revenues based on “Team performance and market characteristics”.  When they esitmate the revenue for each team in the league and the actual revenues come out to exceed the estimated predictions, they then determine this to be exceptional or outstanding team support.

So I go back to my previous question; How correct or accurate can this be?  It looks to be an opinion based calculation that only looks at one part of the whole picture.

Who has the best fans? It is a question that can’t be measured because each aspect will show a different result.  The Buffalo Bills have the longest playoff drought and still sell most of their games out, along with exceeding season ticket sales and having to put a cap on it.  How many teams have needed to do that?

So I pose this question to you, Where do the Buffalo Bills rank in the “Best Fans” measure for you?

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