Tyrod Taylor Is In Rex Ryan’s Eye


The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback race going on and it isn’t even training camp yet.  During the offseason workouts, the three main quarterbacks, Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, and EJ Manuel, have reportedly been getting equal amounts of snaps and work with the 1st team offense.  

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The quarterbacks, with equal time, have all shown ups and downs during the offseason workouts, but there is one quarterback that is getting more enthusiasm from Rex Ryan than that of the others.  Tyrod Taylor is in Ryan’s eye at this point.

Tyrod Taylor is getting more attention, as far as excitement from Rex Ryan, than that of the other two quarterbacks.  Ryan has had his eye on Taylor for sometime now and was even trying to get Taylor to come to the Jets when Ryan was in New York.

"Ryan might be right that Taylor is the fastest quarterback in the NFL: Among all active quarterbacks, the only one who ran a faster 40-yard dash at the Combine than Taylor’s 4.51 was Robert Griffin III, and Griffin doesn’t look as fast now as he did before the knee injury at the end of his rookie year. Taylor is so impressive with the ball in his hands that at times when he was Joe Flacco’s backup in Baltimore, the Ravens let Taylor take snaps in the Wildcat formation, much to Flacco’s chagrin.– PFT.com"

It is interesting that this is the case, but not surprising.  The fans are seemingly gravitating towards Tyrod Taylor more each day because of the unknown possibilities that Taylor brings to the party.  Ryan might be in that same boat as a coach.

In his little involvement in on the field involvement in his 4 years as a Pro, Tyrod Taylor has a 54.3 completion percentage with 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

A viable option as a wildcat quarterback per Ryan, which I personally cringe at when I hear the formation or see it, Taylor does provide another level of athleticism and production that EJ Manuel struggled with and Matt Cassel is unable to provide and that is the use of his feet.

Buffalo is looking to keep the ball on the ground and with Tyrod Taylor,  this brings the quarterback into that mix as well.  It is a risk to take not have a proven quarterback under center when the season starts, but that may be a risk that Rex Ryan is just looking and willing to take at this point.

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