Should The Buffalo Bills Take A Run At OT Jake Long


Buffalo’s offseason has been filled with big name acquisitions. WR Percy Harvin, RB LeSean McCoy and rock star head coach Rex Ryan. That said, the Buffalo Bills have some holes to fill. Among them are depth on the offensive line that begs the question; Should the Buffalo Bills take a run at OT Jake Long?

Long is a former number 1 overall pick and a pro-bowler. There is some upside and some downside if the Bills were to consider bringing in the 8th year pro.

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The upside

He is an improvement plain and simple. If he can finish his rehab and be “reasonably” healthy, Jake Long is an upgrade. For Bills fans who can remember the early 90s think of Glenn Parker. A guy who could play when somebody went down. Even if Long didn’t start he could add much needed experience and depth to a young offensive line.

He’s a leader. Every locker room needs a guy to provide leadership and experience. Jake Long has proven to be a good “locker room” guy.

He fits Rex Ryan’s style of play. Jake Long has a nasty streak and while nobody expects him to return to pro-bowl form, he would bring some added toughness to our offensive line.

The downside.

Long hasn’t played a full 16 game schedule since 2010. He will not be the player the Bills lined up against when he was playing for the Miami Dolphins. Enough said.

He still probably won’t come cheap. If he proves to be healthy, Long will draw some interest from other teams across the league, and will have options. That means only one thing, the price will go up. If the Bills want him they probably will have to pay a little to get him. That all said, he visited the New York Giants on Thursday and he left without a contract. He could really be damaged goods.

He is 30. And while not old, Jake Long is definitely middle aged by NFL standards. If he were to win a starting job it would only be for the foreseeable future and might curtail the development of a young prospect like Seantrel Henderson.

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