Will LeSean McCoy’s Fantasy Stock Be Worth The Risk?


The Buffalo Bills made some moves this offseason that turned some heads.  One move was bringing in former league leader in rushing yards on the season as well as the league leader in carries over the last two years, LeSean McCoy.  

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As far as last years numbers went, LeSean McCoy finished with 171.40 fantasy points for the season.  The leader, DeMarco Murray finished the year with 294.10.  A big difference.  McCoy finished in 12th overall place last year, with players like Lamar Miller, Justin Forsett, C.J. Anderson, Matt Forte and Jamal Charles finishing ahead of him, to just name a few.

He is currently projected to be the 13th ranked player in Yahoo Fantasy Sports, but the 8th ranked running back in Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports.  The first 5 ranked are the top 5 ranked players and running backs.  Jamal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Le’Veon Bell are your top 5 backs and players as far as Yahoo Fantasy Sports is concerned.

As far as his stock, in a Buffalo Bills uniform, it doesn’t look like it has taken too much of a hit.  With Anthony Lynn, running backs coach, backing up Rex Ryan’s statements that they will be running the ball 50 times a game,  has also gone on to say that he wants LeSean McCoy to lead the league in carries.

"Buffalo RBs coach Anthony Lynn, supporting Rex Ryan’s “we’ll run it 50 times” declaration from earlier this spring, told the Buffalo News he wants LeSean McCoy to lead the league in carries. Over the past two seasons, the three-time Pro Bowl selection set the NFL carries pace toting the rock an exhaustive 626 times for former employer Philadelphia. Based on his situation, many believe he’s a strong candidate to extend the streak.– Yahoo Sports"

McCoy seemed to be replaced quite often when the Eagles were close to the goalline, and it is still up in the air whether or not, the Buffalo Bills will do the same to allow, Anthony Dixon, Bryce Brown, Karlos Williams or Fred Jackson the opportunity when they are within the 5 yard line, but McCoy, when with the Eagles only carried the ball 11 times and crossed the goalline 3 times.  With McCoy being considered an elite back, he has a very weak percentage for scoring a touchdown from within 5 yards, 36.5% of the time.

The Buffalo Bills are also trying to put together an offensive line that could stand up to what McCoy is used to coming from Philadelphia.  It seems that the Buffalo Bills, either have sub-par players at their positions, or the good ones seem to get injured and their is rarely a consistency that can be depended on, no matter the skill level.  This is something that will have to be figured out to ensure that a higher stock value will be provided for McCoy and his fantasy numbers.

As far as, where he should go in terms of your fantasy leagues, if the Buffalo Bills can keep their promise to get LeSean McCoy the ball 50 times a game or even provide him with continuation of his throne for the most carries over 3 seasons, then the numbers game will have a major impact on LeSean McCoy’s value in fantasy leagues.  If this happens, even with the red flags that are out there right now, he should still be a top 10 pick in your leagues, even in 10 team leagues.  The numbers talk and they out weigh a lot of the concerns that his stock is bringing to the table.

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