Buffalo Bills Deceptive As Draft Approached


Days leading up to the draft, the Buffalo Bills had a couple of leaks happen with players that they were meeting with.  In a showing, that is uncharacteristic of Buffalo Bills organizations from old, there was no real information as to the pre-draft visits that the Buffalo Bills had.  

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The Buffalo Bills ended up passing on Bryce Petty, who they had a pre-draft meeting with and made it known that it was happening, leading a lot of analysts and fans with the assumption that they would be looking to take a quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round, neither of which they did, or for the entire draft for that matter.

The Buffalo Bills did, however, draft a cornerback, Ronald Darby, of which they only had contact with at the combine and Florida States pro day.

"“There is some little jockeying that takes place, but he was a guy that we wanted to leave under the radar and I thought he was,” Bills coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday. “Well he was a second round pick, but he was higher than that on our board. We were excited to have this young man here. If they don’t meet me there is plenty of guys with Donnie Henderson, with Dennis Thurman, with a lot of guys going down to their pro days. We felt very good about him.”– Syracuse.com"

Ryan did say that there is that atmosphere of a smoke screen and that they as an organization, and I am sure that they are not the only ones that do this, head to a school to set up that smoke screen, when there is really no one there, at the school, that they are interested in or that would fit the type of player that they are looking for.

"“Sometimes you do it even by strategy or if there is something with certain visits that you’ll bring in people or you don’t,” Ryan said. “Sometimes we may go visit a school thinking there is a little smokescreen here. I went to visit a certain player that we didn’t really think fit us.”– Syracuse.com"

It looked as though the Buffalo Bills drafted based on their value chart and where they had players fall.  I am sure that if they had a couple of different picks in different rounds, that a quarterback may have emerged as being drafted by the Bills.  They were looking for a quarterback, but were not in the market to overreach for one, again.

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