Ronald Darby, Marquise Goodwin 100 Yard Dash


Ronald Darby was the second round pick for the Buffalo Bills over the weekend and was their first pick overall for the Buffalo Bills.  Darby is an athlete and a quick one at that.  He is known for his speed and the Buffalo Bills have been known for drafting fast players in the past, Marquise Goodwin is the most recent with his Olympic Long Jumper as well as being a part of the USA medley rlay team, that won Gold, four years ago at the World Junior Championships.  

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With the Buffalo Bills in a scheme of drafting fast players, it wasn’t surprising that they went for this cornerback.  Darby was at One Bills Drive, over the weekend, taking care of some media appearances as well as meeting the coaches and taking a tour of the facilities.  While there, checking out the field house, Marquise Goodwin happened to be there working out as well.

The two talked and Goodwin welcomed him to the team.  Darby, as fast as he is, will be looking to work with Goodwin to get even faster.

"“He’s a player I truly respect for his speed and being the player he is,” Darby said of Goodwin, after the two talked in the field house. ” When I get here I’m going to train with him when it comes to speed things. He can teach me a lot, help me get faster.”–"

Ronald Darby ran a 4.38 40 yard dash at the combine.  Getting faster, tough to think that he could get faster, but you can always improve, right?

"“There’s always things you can do, more flexibility, the stuff he(Goodwin)  was doing, bounding, help with the jumping, help with the stride length, the frequencies, there’s a lot of things you can do,” Darby said.–"

Ronald Darby was asked about a race between the two.  The last time that I know about two Buffalo Bills racing for bragging rights was Kyle Williams and Marshawn Lynch in a swimming race.  Kyle Williams did win that one.  But Ronald Darby did have a comment on racing Marquise Goodwin.

"“I don’t duck any races.  But I think he’ll get me.  That’s an Olympian. I know my place.”–"

That might be one that you could sell tickets to for a fundraiser or charity event, this off season.  I would go.

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