2015 NFL Draft: Live Draft Tracker

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Feb 21, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston (left) and Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota walk out together after finishing their workout during the 2015 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are on the clock with the 11th overall pick…

Cornerback. nfl. Trae Waynes. 11. player. 60.

Waynes is a physical receiver that is able to help himself down the field with his speed.  Having the 2nd faster time in the 40 at the combine, he is able to recover down the field.  Has some issues with tackling, but that can be taught.

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock with their first of two Round 1 picks with the 12th overall pick…

nfl. Danny Shelton. 12. player. 53. . Defensive Tackle

Shelton is a dominant player when it comes to moving north and south. He can move east and west, but not a strength.  He is able to create havoc at the point of attack and will be a force to deal with in the middle.

The New Orleans Saints, join the Browns with 2 picks in the first round and are on the clock with the 13th pick…

Offensive Tackle. nfl. Andrus Peat. 13. player. 15.

“Big and powerful with a right tackle’s play strength and demeanor, but enough foot quickness to protect on the left side. Peat has the physical tools to be an upper-echelon run blocker with pass-protection ability, but he needs to improve his technique in order to protect with consistency. –


The Miami Dolphins are next on the clock…

DeVante Parker. 14. player. 59. . Wide Receiver. nfl

This seems to be a necessity pick for the Dolphins as they need weapons on the outside for

Ryan Tannehill

with the holes that were opened by

Mike Wallace


Brian Hartline


**TRADE ALERT** San Diego moves up two spots to 15th overall and gives San Fransisco the 1st and 4th of this year as well as a 5th next year.

San Diego is the next team on the clock with the 15th overall pick…

13. . Running Back. nfl. Melvin Gordon. 15. player

He may not be the fastest guy on the field, but he can create separation with a quick burst and long strides.  He is just as good as a receiving back as he is as a running back.

Philip Rivers

may not have the help he needs in the backfield to get the ball moving.

The Houston Texans are next on the clock with the 16th overall pick…

Cornerback. nfl. Kevin Johnson. 16. player. 10.

Johnson has the athletic ability to be able to come in and play even though he is a touch on the smaller side.  He plays a good man to man coverage and should help to limit

Andrew Luck

and the Colts.

After the trade, the San Fransisco 49ers are now on the clock with the 17th overall pick…

42. . Defensive End. nfl. Arik Armstead. 17. player

Armstead is going to be a handful to deal with for any offensive lineman.  He has elite size and will be able to dominate the run, does need a little help on the pass rushing end of things.

The Kansas City Chiefs are now on the clock with the 18th overall pick…

124. . Cornerback. nfl. Marcus Peters. 18. player

Peters is a great ball player, but has some issues off the field that might stem to the NFL.  He was kicked off the team and didn’t finish the season because of missing and being late to meetings.  Needs to correct that to make it in this league as there has been a run on teams not dealing with players that have issues.

The Cleveland Browns are back on the clock with the 19th overall pick that was received from the Buffalo Bills in return to move up and take Sammy Watkins at the 4th overall pick in 2014’s NFL Draft…

. Center. nfl. Cameron Erving. 19. player. 53

Erving is a guy that I could have seen on the Bills, would I have given up Watkins for Erving, probably not.  He is the best center in the draft.  As a former defensive lineman, he has a bit of an advantage, but still needs to learn a bit as an offensive lineman.  Could be a day 1 starter for most teams.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now on the clock with the 20th overall pick…

54. . Wide Receiver. nfl. Nelson Agholor. 20. player

Agholor is there to replace

Jeremy Maclin

and not only as a filler, Agholor has a very similar skill set to that of Maclin, so the Eagles are not losing too much with this pick.

The Cincinnati Bengals are now on the clock with the 21st overall pick…

nfl. Cedric Ogbuehi. 21. player. 56. . Offensive Tackle

“NFL evaluators are very worried about Ogbuehi’s core strength and ability to anchor in pass protection, but some of his anchor issues could be improved with technique work — especially where his hands are concerned. He should be a plus run blocker, especially on stretch plays, but needs to add strength and work on technique if he is to reach his play potential. ” –


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