Bryce Petty Meets With Buffalo Bills


The Buffalo Bills have been searching for that franchise quarterback, the face of the team, to replace Jim Kelly.  It has not been an easy task for them either.  They have gone from drafting quarterbacks such as Todd Collins, J.P. Losman, and Trent Edwards is 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft and even a 1st round pick, the first since Kelly, in 2013 with EJ Manuel

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They have even attempted on bringing quarterbacks that have had experience within the league, Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, Doug Flutie and Ryan Fitzpatrick, just to name a few as there are more.  Basically, the Buffalo Bills have not have luck in finding a quarterback to has been good enough to be that franchise quarterback.

Que Bryce Petty, stage right.

The Buffalo Bills traded for Matt Cassel after Kyle Orton announced his retirement after 1 season.  With EJ Manuel on the roster and bringing in Tyrod Taylor, a Rex Ryan favorite, the Buffalo Bills may look to bring in another quarterback through the draft and have a 4 way quarterback competition, maybe even 5 because Jeff Tuel is still on the roster as well.  This means that we could have 3 quarterbacks going into the season, non of which were on the roster last year; Cassel, Taylor, and Bryce Petty, if drafted.  Interesting.

Bryce Petty met with the Buffalo Bills yesterday in Dallas.  Just a couple of days away from the draft, could the Buffalo Bills be looking at the quarterback position with their first pick at number 50th overall, day 2 of the draft, and not be going with a offensive lineman or even a linebacker or a defensive back? Or could it be strictly a smoke screen as to what they truly are interested in? Petty hopes that they are truly serious.

"“I’m hoping that any time they meet with you, it’s a level of interest,” Petty said, via 1660 ESPN in Texas. “You’re not going to talk to somebody you’re not interested in. I really think this is a level of interest that might be more so than others. But who knows? They only know what they’re thinking.”–"

Day 2 of the draft will be interesting to watch as there are a lot of possibilities as to who the Buffalo Bills could select at the 50th pick.  They also have the option of adding a quarterback in the 3rd round at the 81st overall pick with Sean Mannion as a possible day 2 pick as well.

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