Buffalo Bills History: Who Wore It #33


Over the years there have been over 1200 players that have come through One Bills Drive and worn the red, white, and blue of the Buffalo Bills.  Today we will look at those players that wore the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills.

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Over the years, there have been a total of 16 players that have worn the jersey with the number 33 on it.  Let’s take a look at who has worn 33 for the Buffalo Bills.

The first on our list is Ted Wegert.  Wegert played for 5 teams in 5 years.  In 1960, when he was with the Buffalo Bills as one of his three team stops that year, he suited up for 2 games as a Buffalo Bill running back.

Art Baker was only in the league for 2 years and both were spent with the Buffalo Bills.  In 1961-1962, Baker played in 17 games for the Bills, rushing for 507 yards of 154 carries and scored 3 times.

Hezekiah Braxton is the next player we see donning the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills in 1963.  In the league for 2 years, he ended his career with Buffalo in 1963 after playing for 1 year with San Diego, 1962.

1965 is the next time the number 33 comes out on to the field with FB Billy Joe toting it.  In the league for 7 years, Joe played for the Buffalo Bills for only the 1965 season.  He had 377 yards rushing on 123 carries and 4 touchdowns.

Bill Bailey was on the roster for 1 game during the 1967 season wearing the number 33.

In 1968-69, Ben Gregory wore the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills for 6 games.

Lloyd Pate is the next Buffalo Bills running back to wear the number 33.  In 1970, Pate played in 9 games and started 4 of them.  With 46 carries he came away with 162 yards and 1 touchdown.

Randy Jackson started his 3 year career with the Buffalo Bills but only lasted 1 season in Buffalo.  5 games played in Buffalo, Jackson was able to muster 57 yards on the ground.

In 1975-1976, we see Vic Washington toting the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills.  Although in the league for 6 years, Washington finished his career in Buffalo.

Andy Reid, not the coach, but the running back followed Washington in wearing the number 33 but it was only for a 1 game appearance in 1976.

Ted McKnight was the next player to don the number but it wasn’t until 1982.  He was with the Buffalo Bills for only 1 year and it was his last in the league.  He appeared in 3 games for the Buffalo Bills.

Ronnie Harmon holds the record for the longest holder of the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills, at 4 years.  Harmon started his career in Buffalo in 1986.  Harmon played in 57 games and started 15 games.  Used as both a kick returner and a running back, he had accumulated almost 2000 yards on the ground within both positions.

Eddie Fuller is the one that gets to follow Ronnie Harmon in the who wore it number 33 express.  Fuller played for the Buffalo Bills during the 1991-1993 seasons. Fuller was only in the league for the 3 years he was in Buffalo.  He was primarily used as a kick returner for the Bills.

1995 is the next time we see the number 33 on the field.  Tim Tindale was part of the Buffalo Bills squad from 1995-1997.  In 37 games he had 19 rushing attempts and 1 touchdown.

Coming out of Penn State, drafted by the Patriots in 1992, one of the more famous number 33’s to play for Buffalo on two separate occasions, Sam Gash is seen wearing the number 33 for the Buffalo Bills in 1998 and 1999.  He made the pro bowl both of those years, and came back from a minor hiatus with Baltimore to rejoin the Bills in 2003 to end his career.

We don’t see another number 33 on the field until the 2012 season through present.  Ron Brooks is the final Bill to wear the number 33 at this point.  He has started only 3 games in 3 years for the Bills but has played in 34 of them with 50 tackles total.

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