Buffalo Bills To Relive All Four Super Bowls


The Buffalo Bills still hold records when it comes to the Super Bowl.  They are the only team to make it to 4 consecutive Super Bowls and they are the only team to lose 4 consecutive Super Bowls.  Have to give some to get some.  

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With this being the year of the Super Bowl and it being the 50th Super Bowl in NFL history, there is a slate of Super Bowl match-ups throughout the year.  This year, there are 22 total Super Bowl rematches, that will be played in 19 regular season games.  Now, with it being the 50th SUper Bowl in history, the NFL is putting emphasis on this and marking all the games in gold at NFL.com that are previous Super Bowl match-ups.

This year, and every 4 years for that matter, the Buffalo Bills get to relive all four Super Bowls and attempt to make some sort of amends with the Super Bowl history Gods as they face the NFC East this year.  Each division faces off against a division from the AFC and the NFC in a rotating fashion and this year it just happens to be that NFC East.

The first Super Bowl match-up will come in week 4 when the Buffalo Bills will face off against the New York Giants, their first Super Bowl appearance, and try to forget the ‘kick heard round the world’ with Scott Norwood’s ‘Wide-Right’ kick.

The second match-up doesn’t come until towards the end of the season when the Buffalo Bills will face off against the Washington Redskins in week 15.

The final 2 match-ups come in one game a week later, week 16, when the Buffalo Bills will take on the Dallas Cowboys, when they relive Super Bowls 27 and 28 where they were blown in out by the Cowboys.

Weeks 5, 9, 14, and 17 are the only weeks that do not have a previous Super Bowl match-up scheduled in it.  Weeks 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13 only have 1 match-up being featured in them.  Probably would have been easier to list the weeks that have multiple Super Bowl re-match-ups as there are only 5 of those that have either 2 or 3 Super Bowl match-ups in them.

Which Buffalo Bills rematch are you looking forward to, if any?

If you want to check out the rest of the scheduled rematch-ups, PFT.com is the place to go.

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