Brad Smith Meets With Buffalo Bills; Again


It was a couple of years ago when Brad Smith made his move over from the New York Jets to the Buffalo Bills and brought in the capacity to be a dynamic player that could play a number of positions.  

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Brad Smith is now 31 years old and being 2 years removed from being a Buffalo Bills, he is back, meeting with his old coach, Rex Ryan and possibly looking at another stint here in Buffalo.

When Brad Smith was in Buffalo in 2001-2012, I was not a fan. Being in Philadelphia, playing as a reserve player, only being seen in 19 games over the 2 years.  During his two years in Philadelphia he came away with 14 tackles, a recovered blocked punt for a touchdown, and 3 receptions.

His production here in Buffalo was not too great either if I recall.  I absolutely hated the wildcat with Smith at the helm and remembering yelling at the television every time he was on the field to run it.  It is the worst formation ever and is unproductive most of the time.

I understand and previously stated that Tyrod Taylor could fall into that spot, but I stand by my position that it really should not be used.

I do not think that Brad Smith will be able to add anything to this team at this point with what Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley have done.  If the Buffalo Bills do bring in Brad Smith to compete for a spot on this team, I can really only see it as a minimum pay spot strictly as a depth person for special teams, even opposite Marcus Easley as a gunner on punts and kick-0ffs.  Past that, Brad Smith has no spot on this team that would be beneficial to the Buffalo Bills, at this time.

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