Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Denzel Perryman


As we look at the last inside linebacker that the Buffalo Bills could possibly look at on the 2nd day of the draft, we take a look at Denzel Perryman.

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The Buffalo Bills filled most of their needs in free agency and addressed a lot of their major issues.  Denzel Perryman is a player that fits into that category.  With a draft grade of a 5.68 he falls into the category of potential NFL starter.  He was the top performer at the combine as far as bench press reps going, putting up an impressive 27.

In 2014 Denzel lead Miami with 110 tackles on the season.  He was also a 2015 Senior Bowl participant.

Some strengths and weaknesses for Denzel Perryman are…

"Burly, stout, old-school linebacker build. Wants to hit and brings his pads with him when he delivers a blow. Delivers a jarring punch into oncoming offensive linemen on second level. Defends his area of turf and sees past blockers, keeping his eye trained on the play. Is able to disengage and shed blockers. Plays low and with leverage. Once he diagnoses, can trigger into gaps and disrupt.ot a twitchy athlete. Takes time to gear up after changing directions and can struggle to tackle jitterbug runners in space. Heavy-legged mover in space and struggles to make plays outside of his assigned area. Lacks coverage traits and is a liability in man coverage. Short levers won’t allow him to leverage blockers as a pass rusher.– NFL.com"

He has been described as being physical and playing angry.  He is a guy that won’t take a play off even in practice and will make sure that the running back is taken to the ground.  He is not as strong in the passing game though.  He is compared with D’Qwell Jackson.

The bottom line on Denzel Perryman is…

"Early down linebacker who can make plays against the run but will struggle if isolated in coverage. Perryman is a lunch-pail worker who enjoys the physical part of the game. Can be a highly productive NFL player but ceiling looks to be limited.– NFL.com"

As a run stuffer, or someone that might be able to take the place of Brandon Spikes and fill a similar role, Perryman seems to be one guy that could be looked at to do this.  He is a physical player and won’t be looking for that full time pro bowl contract, that Spikes is looking for, and should soon be realizing that he won’t be getting that from anyone.  Could be a possibility for the Bills.

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