Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Benardrick McKinney


The Buffalo Bills are almost set at the linebacker position.  They have a couple of players that are starters and will lead the rest, but past Nigel Bradham, Preston Brown, and Jerry Hughes, the Buffalo Bills do not have a 4th to put in for the 3-4 they are expected to run.  

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Benardrick McKinney is coming out of Mississippi St. McKinney has a draft grade of a 5.83 which puts him in the potential category of being an NFL starter.  McKinney did show a 4.66 40 yard dash at the combine as well with 16 reps on the bench press.

McKinney started all games in both 2013 + 2014 and lead the team in tackles for both years.

Some strengths and weaknesses for Benardrick McKinney are as follows…

"Tall, proportionally built inside linebacker with ability to play outside. Has thick, powerful legs. Good straight-line speed to chase. True take-on linebacker who can meet linemen head-on or beat them to the spot and leverage his gap with above average play strength. Scrapes and stalks while using length and powerful hands to keep himself free and clear of blockers. Steps into hole and fires into running back, finishing with wrap-up tackle. Able to run downfield in seam with tight ends. Aware of cutback lanes and rarely runs himself out of the play. Shows very good attention to assignment.Plays high and is lacking suddenness. High center of gravity causes clunky change of direction in space. Foot quickness in tight quarters is below average and limiting. Instincts against run are there, but tends to fight his feet and marginal agility. Has trouble clearing the trash near his feet and labors against cut blocks, losing lateral momentum. Potential liability against the pass.– NFL.com"

McKinney is being compared to Brian Cushing.

The bottom line on McKinney is…

"Productive, steady performer in the middle with above-average size and length for the position but below-average agility. McKinney plays within the scheme and finds himself near the play frequently. He plays with strength and has an ability to take on offensive linemen and get downhill to finish his tackles. McKinney looks like an above-average NFL inside linebacker who could become part of a really good defense. He lacks star-making talent, though.– NFL.com"

With Benardrick McKinney standing at 6’4″, he is on the taller side for inside linebackers.  He weighs 246 pounds, so pretty much on the average to above average weight, as well.  McKinney has the size and ability to play the inside in the NFL and may be an option for the Buffalo Bills on the 2nd day of the draft.  I think that McKinney will be in the late 2nd round position to be drafted so he will most likely be there for the Bills first pick, but I don’t think he will be available comes the 89th pick.

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