Marcell Dareus Reaches Plea Deal On Racing Charges


Last offseason Marcell Dareus was in the news a lot but never for anything good.  He was caught down in Alabama with synthetic drugs and then shortly after he was in a car accident and allegedly racing current teammate Jerry Hughes in Hamburg near the stadium.  

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It probably would have been down played a bit if Marcell Dareus did not wrap his car around a tree and then flee the scene of the accident.

Dareus had a court date, earlier this year in which he did not come to a plea agreement and a trial date was set to move forward on the racing charges. He was set to face a slue of charges which also included reckless endangerment.

Marcell Dareus has been able to come to a plea agreement in which the issue has been dropped to a set of traffic violations.  The violations; failure to keep right and imprudent speed.  Both of these violations carry a max fine of 150.00 dollars so, 300.00 dollars in total.

Dareus is not done yet though, as part of a community service being part of the plea agreement, Marcell Dareus will provide the area high school students with a free football training camp this summer.  So some community service and 300.00 dollars for what could have been reckless driving as a minimum and jail time.

This plea deal does keep Marcell Dareus out of court at this point, but there could still be some backlash from the NFL as there always is and it may be a bit harsher than in the past as the NFL is still trying to save face over some mishaps and lack of decisions on some previous incidents that turned out to be quite major.

This is not a major issue or happening, based on what the court has deemed to be an acceptable replacement for punishment, but the NFL still will have its say on the matter and a suspension is probably looming in the near future for Marcell Dareus and the Buffalo Bills.

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