NFL To Add Cameras On Field To Aid Replay


Bill Belichick proposed that more cameras be used to help aid in the decision of important calls that have been known to be called wrong.  The NFL originally shot down the proposal because there was not enough support behind the  

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This has already changed.  While not being considered last week, the NFL is now, beginning today, looking into the possibility of using more cameras throughout the stadiums primarily as fixed cameras on the goal line as well as elsewhere.

The NFL is currently looking for “the right technology and then how to best integrate the cameras into the replay system that will work in all 31 stadiums.” –

Originally, the cost, was the one of the primary reasons that the NFL and the owners were not behind the idea of adding more cameras to correct the lack of accuracy that is currently running rampant through the NFL referees.

Through a series of licensing deals that I am sure that the NFL can come up with, and using the cameras in a way to say that this is the one and only camera for this type of action, the NFL can cover the cost as well as even make a profit, they are very good at exploiting the profit now a days, just look at the draft.

Anything that is not good for the NFL usually means that there is no or little profit within the venture so why go out and do it.

"It also will become important for the officials to not place ever further reliance on the availability of visual evidence when making calls in real time, erring one way or the other with the assumption that any errors can be rectified by replay.–"

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