NFL Decides On No Changes To Overtime


One of the proposals for the NFL to review was to have changes to overtime take place.  In an opening statement, Roger Goodell, didn’t think that there was a need to change the overtime format as it stood at this point.

Although there have been changes in the past to overtime, that was not the case at this league meeting.  Many of the owners agreed with Goodell’s statement and see no reason to change the format.

What they were looking at as a primary change was to guarantee that each team gets the football in overtime.

Currently, during overtime, team 1, receiving, and march down the field, score a touchdown and the game would be over.  If they are limited to only a field goal, then team 2 will get a chance to either score a touchdown to win the game or tie with a field goal.  If the game is tied with a field goal the overtime period then goes to sudden death and the first person to score after that wins.

With each team being guaranteed a possession, the first touchdown would not matter and would have to be matched for the game to go into sudden death overtime.  Another change that has been suggested is that the NFL take the procedures that college is following for overtime and alternate possessions.

A third suggestion was to do away with field goals and only a touchdown or safety could win the game for the teams.  A final suggestion was that overtime would do away with the coin toss and an “auction” format take place to determine or place a “bid” on what yard line the receiving team would start from.  You can check out this theory here.

I think that they should go back to pure sudden death overtime and first person to score wins.  If not and that option is off the table then the way overtime is at this point, is working just fine.  For the individuals that complain because Peyton Manning or Tom Brady doesn’t get a chance in overtime because the team they are playing scores a touchdown and they didn’t get a chance to match, my response to you would be, they need a better defense to hold the other team to a field goal or less.

It is quite simple in my eye.  Where do you stand on the overtime issue?

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