Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Jarvis Harrison


As we move closer and closer to the draft, we continue to look at possible draft picks for the Buffalo Bills to look at in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Today we move to Texas and head over to Texas A&M to check out a possible guard for the Bills.

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Jarvis Harrison is an offensive guard out of Texas A&M.  He has a draft grade of a 5.58 which classifies him as a possible starter in the NFL and I would put him into the 3rd round as far as where he gets picked.

Harrison started 38 games at Texas A&M, playing both guard positions as well as spending some time at left tackle as well.  He does have some shoulder concerns and he missed some time during the 2014 season due to a shoulder injury that caused some conditioning concerns, which is the reason he missed some time.

Some strengths and weaknesses as per as NFL.coms draft prospects for Jarvis Harrison are…

"Burly lower body made for the guard position. High school basketball player who displays rare foot quickness for a man his size. Glides to second level using proper angles. Utilizes power step to shut down inside moves. Has feet and balance to mirror in pass pro pre- and post-contact. Maintains good posture at punch point.Allows more bull-rush push than most guards his size. Will finesse it too often. Hasn’t unleashed consistent power that his bend and size should provide him. Shows signs of being a content blocker who won’t always finish.– NFL.com"

His first love is basketball and Harrison does have talent to be a Pro Bowler on the offensive line, but there are some concerns as to his effort towards football and where he will fall with work ethic.  If he is not into it, he may not put the effort forward as basketball comes before football for this guy.

The bottom line is…

"Dancing bear who possesses the talent, technique and physical traits to be a high-end NFL starter. Not asked to fire out on defenders often in Texas A&M scheme, so that might be an area where he has room for growth. Teams might have to decide between the film and the football character when slotting him.– NFL.com"

I think that there are better guys out their.  This guy has the talent to be a starter in the NFL and possibly one of the best, but with injury and effort concerns, I think that the Buffalo Bills can look to other guys in the draft to fill the need on the offensive line.

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